5 Quick Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Make Now!

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Tis the season to crochet all the things! There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked cookies while you’re crocheting, so to keep your hands busy (and off those cookies) here are some crochet Christmas ornaments.

I just seem to have no time this year…. I remember that waiting for Christmas as a child was a slow torture. Now, it appears that it is rushing up to meet me and I’m not ready in the slightest. So, just in case anyone else was feeling a bit stressed and needed some quick stitching to get them through, I decided to do a bit of a round up of all the Christmas patterns I made last year. Here we go!

1. The upcycled Peppermint ornament

crochet peppermint ornament

This one is honestly too cute to not make! It’s only two rows, which means they work up super quick. I was thrilled with how it came out I feel like the muted green I used gives it a vintage vibe. I love reusing those little bottle rings.

Crochet Upcycled Peppermint Ornament

2. Crochet Angel Ornament

crochet Angel

With this pattern I was inspired by those beautiful wooden angels from Willow Tree that my Godmother was so fond of. This is much more simplistic of course, but it was the feeling I was going for. I’m especially proud of the wings.

Crochet Angel Ornament

3. Crochet upcycled wreath ornament

Recycled wreath

Now for those bigger bottles rings, I have this awesome wreath pattern. (You could probably use metal rings from the craft store. You’d probably have to tweak the pattern a bit for those though) You can clearly make them in any color you want. I went with my favorites black and purple, but I made a traditional green one for the example if you want to see how that looks.

Crochet Recycled Wreath Ornament

4. Crochet Spiral Candy Canes

Who doesn’t love a good candy cane this time of year? I found that making these spiraled canes was actually quite relaxing. You can do any color combo you want and as long your pup doesn’t get a hold of them they keep better than the sugary kind. I have an alternative pattern to the cane shape over there too, so be sure to check out these crochet Christmas ornaments.

Candy Cane or Wreath Ornament


I went a bit spiral crazy last year okay? I love how versatile these are color wise. The first one I made in the more traditional Christmas colors and the other I decided to make with Beetlejuice inspired colors. I think the infinite spiral of these crochet wreaths is so cool that I made way too many. My cat was nice enough to destroy some of them though, so we’ll call it even.

Crochet Spiral Wreath Ornament

6. (Bonus Pattern) The Crochet Snowflake Ornament

This is probably the most traditional of the bunch. But I truly do love snowflakes so I thought I’d come up with one myself. I show you how to stiffen the flake using Epsom salt. I think it’s more traditional to use sugar, but critters like sugar way more than magnesium sulfate so….lol I’ll stick with that.

Crochet Snowflake Ornament

None of these take up much time or yarn so I hope that you’ll make one or two if these crochet Christmas ornaments. for your (or a loved ones) home. There’s something so personal about home made decorations. I really do encourage you to make it yours with color choices, that’s one of the best things about DIYs.

Which one would you most like to make and what color(s) would you use? Let me know it the comments!

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