Crochet On The Cheap: A Wonderful Washcloth Pattern

Crocheting can be expensive if you’re not careful about what you buy…Trust me I know. So, whether you’re new to crochet, and don’t want to make a big investment, or you’re an old hat, and just don’t have a big budget, I’m making this series for anyone who needs some cheap projects that will keep them stitching and sane. What is the pattern this time you might ask? Why a crochet washcloth pattern of course!

I’m a huge sale/value for your money person so it’s kinda a natural progression for me to write about ways to stretch that crochet dollar. However, I didn’t think about it seriously until I saw Yarn At Dollar Tree? then the wheels in my head started turning.

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get to it!

Supplies For the crochet washcloth..

You will need the items below:

  • 1 skein (104 yards) Premier Just Cotton from the dollar tree
    • you can use any 85% – 100 % cotton yarn you have or can get cheaply
  • a J/ crochet hook
  • snips or scissors
  • A yarn or tapestry needle*

*The yarn needle just makes it easier to weave in the ends can use your hook if you don’t have one. They’re usually not expensive though $1 for 2 – $4 for about 9.

Wonderful Washcloth Pattern

As I said before, the very first project will be a classic, a crochet washcloth. However, the stitch we’ll be using is definitely not ordinary! This is a great useful thing to make for yourself or as a gift. We’ll be using wattle stitch for this washcloth. (If you need a more in depth tutorial then follow the link.)

washcloth pattern

Foundation Row. Ch 39.

Tip: I suggest working to the back bone of the chain on the following row.

row 1 washcloth pattern

Row 1. Work into the 3rd ch from the hook, *put a sc, ch 1, dc in the same st, skip 2 sts,*

row 1 continued washcloth pattern

Repeat from *-* until you come to the last 3 sts, put 1 hdc in the last st. <11 clusters>

The washcloth should measure between 7″- 7 1/2 inches. (depending on your gauge/tension)

row 2 washcloth pattern

Row 2. Ch 2, turn, make the wattle stitch (sc, ch, dc, in the ch sp from the previous row) across the row, end with a hdc in the beginning ch 2 from the previous row.

row 3 through 20

Row 3-20. Repeat row 2.

This is a square washcloth so it should be the same length as the width between 7″-7 1/2″ depending on your gauge/tension.

Tie off your tail.

Weave in both your tails, make sure to weave it back and forth to secure the end properly.

That’s it for the crochet washcloth pattern! This is an awesome project for crochet therapy, since it’s quick and you can never have too many washcloths. This pattern is also wonderful for making a set of washcloths that you can use as a gift or for yourself.

A Bit Extra

You can get 2 washcloths out of one skein of Premier Just Cotton if you do the second one (in the navy) in a H hook instead and measure in to 6 1/2″ -7 inches instead. This is the size difference in the picture. I like having the two sizes personally because I use the smaller one for soap and the bigger one for clean water or drying.

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