Yarn At Dollar Tree?

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Shopping is shopping as far as I’m concerned, I probably get the most excited when going to the craft store…anywhere with an abundance of yarn really. So, imagine my surprise when making my monthly trip to the dollar store, down the craft aisle, now called the Crafter’s square, when I saw yarn!

I don’t know if you’ve seen this already, but yes, the dollar tree (in the U.S.A at least) has started carrying yarn!

Note: The Dollar Tree is changing some items to be priced at $1.25, but I don’t know if they will change the price on this yarn or not.

It’s currently still $1.00 on Premiers website, but they will change it if Dollar Tree prices it higher.

Update! This yarn and all the yarn in the Just Yarn line is now $1.25 at the Dollar Tree and it is no longer on the Premier Yarns website.

Dollar store Yarn Specs

The yarn in question is by premier yarns, an online company I buy from fairly frequently. See this article to find out more.

The one I found is called Just Cotton, but is surprisingly 85% cotton and 15% polyester blend. It weighs 60 g or 2.1 oz and feels a bit softer than 100% cotton yarn. It’s a worsted weight of 4 and has 104 yards (96 m) in the skein. Just Cotton is machine washable on warm, tumble dry low heat.

After some research, I found that there are 4 yarns in the Just line ( a.k.a. dollar tree yarn: Just Cotton, Just Yarn worsted, Just Yarn tweed, and Just Chenille. All of them are by Premier Yarns.

Update! I’ve recently found Just Active a polyester 80% and acrylic 20% mix yarn.

Any crocheter, knitter, or yarn crafter knows yarn can be expensive, so having it available at the dollar store is really cool in my opinion.

Okay… so I’ve seen it before

To be fair, I have seen yarn at the dollar store before, but infrequently at best. They usually buy out of old or discontinued stock from yarn companies that don’t want to deal with it anymore and cut the price.

This, however, seems like it might be permanent since when you look Just Cotton up on the Premier Yarns website, it says “Find at your local Dollar Tree”, how long will it last remains to be seen, but if it sells, I doubt it will go away.

8? Seriously? they’re small okay!

I myself.. bought 8 skeins…But I swear there’s a reason! I want to do a review on it. I also want to take this opportunity to come up with patterns and ideas for what to do with this yarn. So, anyone with a dollar tree and a small budget can make something cool using just stuff from the dollar store! With the exception of a crochet hook….mine sells knitting needles now, but no hooks yet, so lets hope that changes soon. They do sell hooks in some stores so be on the look out!

Tell me if there’s anything you want to see in the comments, or tell me what you would make with it. Stay tuned for the review!

Here are some quick projects if you want one now:

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