Book Review: Mystery Stories Of Violet Strange by Anna K. Green.

I chose an oldy, but a goody. If you like cozy mysteries you will probably like this, Mystery Stories Of Violet Strange by Anna K. Green

If you’re a fan of Sir Arthur Connon Doyle or Agatha Christie, then you’ll definitely find this book entertaining.


I would classify this book as a Cozie Mystery. (Murders and sexual content is usually off page)

Book Summary

Violet Strange, 17, at the start of the books, is a debutante detective in New York, set in 1899. She is a crack sleuth, unbeknownst to her family or her upper class friends. You need a detective? She’s your gal.. but only if she’s interested in the case.

Why a wealthy young woman needs to be a detective, no one knows. It is a bit difficult to describe the stories in this book without giving them away… so if your interested you’ll have to read them to find out what they’re about.


The narrator of this audiobook is Shelly Fraiser. She does a good job of changing her voice for different characters. I think she reads a tad slower then I would like, but that’s a personal preference.

My Review

I would suggest caution in giving this collection of stories to younger or more sensitive individuals. There are a couple of stories that were tragic or disturbing.

I really enjoyed this collection of stories and the author’s writting style. Anna K. Green, is considered one of the founding mothers of detective fiction. Her writings were also the first to feature a spinster and a young woman as sleuth main characters, separately of course. She was the inspiration for both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries then I’d say this group of tales is for you. Be prepared as not all of stories end well.

Where to get it

The good news on this book, is that you can get it for free!

If you’re an Audible Premium Plus member, this version of the book is free to listen to.

If you don’t mind reading it yourself, you can download it for free at Gutenberg press:

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