Audio Book Review: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce Book 1

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If you’re into immersive fantasy worlds with magic, mages, animals, and immortals then this book is for you!

This orphan girl from the mountains has a knack with animals, but she also has a secret that can get her killed. Join Daine on a journey to discover herself, her power, and her place in this strange new kingdom. She will meet mages, stormwings, griffins, dragons, and much more on her way towards trusting humans and finding a family.


This book falls under fantasy and is placed in a ‘middle ages’ like time period.

Book Summary

This is the first book in The Immortals Quartet which follows Veralidaine Sarrasri, called Daine, her young dragon, Skysong whom she calls kitten, and her master/ friend, mage Numair Salmalín as they live in and work for, the country of Tortall which is ruled by King Jonathan and Queen Thayet.

Onua Chamtong, horse mistress of the Queen’s riders in Tortall, is having no luck with finding a new assistant to help her take the ponies she bought north. When a young girl, named Daine, comes to her asking for a job she heard about. Although Onua is at first resistant to take Daine on because of her age, her talents with the animals win out. She quickly learns that Daine has no family except for her pony, Cloud. That helps make her decision to take Daine on as her assistant and bring her to Tortall.

Onua and Daine soon get on to the road with the ponies and Tahoi (Onua’s dog). Onua is both thrilled and surprised to find that Diane’s, “knack with animals” allowed her to talk to the ponies in a way she never thought would work. This allowed them to make great time in their journey. As they travel Onua and Daine become fast friends. But there’s still something that Daine can’t bring herself to tell about her past.


Early one morning Daine finds herself having a horrible feeling and wakes Onua. Onua listens to her and gets them on the road quickly. Not long after they meet a strange half bird half human looking beings called stormwings. A battle ensues and the two women are able to kill all but one, who vows revenge on both of them. They meet a different type of monster on their travels, but are able to defeat it because of Daine’s ability to sense them.

They are joined by Numair Salmalín a good friend of Onua’s. Daine takes a liking to the large man, but is unhappy when he suggests that she has magic. She has never has the ‘gift’ which was always an upsetment to her mother. All she has is a knack with animals, isn’t that enough?

In Tortall

Daine reaches Tortall and is amazed to see that the stories of this strange kingdom are true! While she is at first unsure about her place in this kingdom, she is offered the job as assistant horse mistress under Onua and she accepts. Not long after they arrive in Tortall, the castle is attacked by stormwings. Once again Daine senses them and warns everyone in time. There are, mercifully, no casualties on Tortall’s side because of Daine’s warning.

Soon after this battle, Daine meets King Jonathan, who is grateful to her for her help with the stormwings. Numair confronts Daine about her ability with animals and tells her that it’s not like the normal ‘gift’ but a different kind of magic that she can learn to control…

Daine is happy to discover how to use her ability, but it’s not long before she realizes that in order to save her new friends, she has to confront her past and tell her friends about her fears… but will they still be her friends when she tells them?


The narration is done by Tamora Peirce the author, however the voices are done by the full cast audio family.

Full cast audio is a wonderful cast of voice actors that make the characters come to life. Very often you don’t have to be told who is speaking because each voice is specific to the character. When I say actors, I mean actors, if a character is feeling or says something a certain way it is conveyed through their voice.

At first Tamora’s voice as narrator can seem a bit dull, however, as the other characters join in it suddenly feels like you couldn’t listen to it any other way.

This is the link for the full cast audio website to learn more:

My audio book Review

Although this is considered a middle grade book, I would say anyone, at any age could enjoy it.

When I first started the book I was slightly put off by the narrator’s monotone voice. But, because of the other voices that join hers, it really transports you to this world that Tamora has created. The author creates an immersive world that you would love to visit.

In this book specifically, the way the animals communicate with Daine, make it almost believable. This is clearly written by someone who loves and understands animal’s natures. I also very much appreciated that the names and places are said by the author. So you know that was how they were intended to be pronounced.

Bottom line, it’s a wonderful story, told by a talented cast of voice actors and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy.

Where to get it

Here’s the audible audio book link: Wild Magic

Here’s the Amazon book link: Wild Magic

The first time I read it, I got it from my local library. I would suggest looking there if you want to read it for free.

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