5 Ways To Fix Mistakes In Your Crochet Without Ripping Out Your Work

Yep, you heard me right, no frogging is required to fix mistakes in your crochet… Well some of the time. Does your amigurimi project not look quite right? Did you not make enough chains for your blanket? Is there a large gap in the center of your in the round project that shouldn’t be there? Before you rip out your stitches – also known as frogging- take a look at my 5 ways to fix mistakes in your crochet.

1. Not enough chains

This is from my post

There you are, crocheting away. You’re on your first row, working into the foundation chain, when you realize… “I don’t have enough chains for this row!”

Never fear I have a fix for that! You can add chains to the row by making a foundation chain stitch. I have a tutorial on how to do that right here!

2. There’s a gap in the center of your “in the round” project

Take your starting tail and put a yarn needle on it, then weave it around your center stitches and cinch it closed. Then go around again to secure the tail. Now you can just snip the tail off.

Here are a few ways to make a Magic Circle or an alternative in this post: How To: Make A Magic Circle Crochet Tutorial (Or An Alternative)

3. My amigurumi projects never look like it’s supposed to!

I’m going to assume that your tension is okay and that you’re crocheting the correct numbers for your project when following a pattern..

If your amigurumi looks bumpy and not as neat as the pictures or videos your following then you might just be looking at the wrong side of the work. If your tail is on the outside, it’s usually inside out.

Try turning it right side out and seeing if your work looks neater now. It may sound like the person at tech support saying, “Have you plugged in the computer?” But sometimes it really is a small mistake like that.

Have I done that? :cough: No, of course not! I always have the right side out….

Yeah, I’ve done that… I felt stupid, but as long as you catch it before you close it up, you can easily fix it. All joking aside, it’s a simple mistake and easily fixed.

Note: I know I said no frogging, but if you did invisible decrease with the wrong side out… they’re going to be visible when you flip it. So you might have to frog a bit if that’s the case but otherwise you should be fine.

4.Too many or too few stitches

We’ve all been there, you’re working a project and you realize you have the wrong stitch count. If you realized that your stitch count has been off for a few rows, then you may be able to fudge it, without frogging. As long as your stitch count is only off by 1-2 stitches, you can increase or decrease your work to make it the right number of stitches across. Here’s my tutorial on

Full disclaimer on this tip, you may end up with an odd ripple in the sides of your work if you just decrease or increase the to the proper amount of stitches. If that bothers you, you may have no choice but to rip back to where your count went off track.

5. Not enough yarn for your project

We all love a good game of yarn chicken, don’t we? If you are working on a project when you run out of yarn I have an option or two for you. First, add a new ball, some people are intimidated by adding a new skein of yarn to their project. My favorite method is this one right here: How To Join Yarn In Crochet Easily.

Note: This may not be an option if you are working in a specific color and you don’t want to change to a different one.

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