How To Join Yarn In Crochet Easily

How To Join Yarn In Crochet Easily
How To Join Yarn In Crochet Easily Pin Me!

We’ve all done it, one minute you’re crocheting along and the next you find this big knot in your yarn! It has frayed ends and it’s not a little knot, it’s a huge unsightly knot. Or you lost a game of yarn chicken.. (you know, when you’re not entirely sure you’ll have enough yarn for your project but decided to use the yarn anyway.) But have no fear. I’m going to show you how to join yarn in crochet using my favorite method!

This method is often called the magic knot. A rather apt name once you know how to do it.

How to join Yarn in crochet

How To Join Yarn In Crochet Easily step 1

Step 1. Take the two ends of the yarn that you want to join and make an X shape. Then loop the yarn and make a basic knot. Pull the knot very tightly.

Repeat the process on the other loose end. Making a basic knot on the other side. Tighten the knot to make sure that it’s secure.

Pull the long ends so that the two knots slide into each other.

How To Join Yarn In Crochet Easily row 2
How To Join Yarn In Crochet Easily step 3

Pull the knots against each other and give it a really good tug. Then cut the extra bits of the yarn off as close to the knots as you can.

Give the ends one more good tug to make sure it won’t come undone. Then you’re ready to work with it!

There are lots of reasons to need to join your yarn, but of all the ones I’ve tried this is the fastest, easiest way to join your yarn in crochet every time. Do you have a different method that you prefer? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. This is my favorite way as well! I’ve had a couple of people insist that it is “incorrect” to use knots to join, or for any purpose. However, I’ve found that the knot is so small that it’s not noticeable- and I don’t think there is a more secure way to join, do you?

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