How To Crochet The Yoyo Puff

Also known as the Macron puff for it’s 3 dimensional shape, this motif has a beautiful texture and squish to it. Let’s learn how to crochet the yoyo puff!

Best known for it’s use in blankets, it’s lovely to use for pillows*, bags*, scarves, hats, baby blankets, a rug, and of course you can use them as individual motifs, more on that later.

*because of the gaps between the motifs you would definitely need fabric behind the pillow cover or bag.

Decor Ideas

These puffs are wonderful to make with variegated yarns that change colors frequently. They work very well with tweeds that have two different colored twists of yarn too. I made quite a few as a test as you can see in the photo.

I typical see these 3-D beauties used in rainbow colored blankets. However, you can easily make them in any color pallet you favor. The thick squishy texture lends itself to the scandinavian style of white or muted colors with rich textures. I can also see using these to make a temperature blanket, using a gradient of warm to cool colors, or vice versa, in rows.

This would be an excellent stash buster for yarn that you want to use up. It’s also a good way to use up odds and ends of yarn left over from other projects. Either of those combinations would definitely make for a one of a kind blanket.

Limited Time

If you don’t have a lot of time, these are a great, quick project that can be made into something larger later. Each puff has only 2 rows which mean it takes very little yarn to make. So,you can take the supplies along in a purse, a yarn bag, or even a gallon sized baggy.

They can be done while commuting, while waiting (inline, at doctor offices, etc), while cooking, those in between times like when the food is in the oven, slow cooker, proofing, or chilling, and of course before bed and while watching TV.

Crochet Therapy

These puffs are great to make for mindless crochet, during meditation, or prayer.

Crocheting has been known to help with your health on many levels, 13 health benefits of crocheting. Because they’re so easy and quick to make, they are a wonderful project for when you’re feeling stressed or anxiety filled throughout the day. People who have anxiety could definetly find these useful.

So, ready to make one? Let’s get started!


  • Red Heart Super Savers in Mirage
    • any Worsted weight yarn
  • a 4.5 crochet hook
  • snips
  • a yarn or tapestry needle

As usual, you can use any yarn weight and hook size you like, this is just what I used.


  • Ch = chain
  • Yo = Yarn over
  • Pull up a loop = Go into a stitch or opening and pull the yarn through
  • Dtrc = Double trebel crochet (Yo 3 times, pull up a loop, Yo pull through 2 loops, Yo, pull through 2 loops, Yo, pull through 2 loops, Yo, pull through the last 2 loops.)
  • Trc = Trebel crochet
  • slst = slip stitch
  • 2 together = when you decrease by joining 2 stitches into 1

crochet Yoyo Puff Pattern

If you need a refresher, here’s the 6 basic stitches and here’s a glossary of crochet terms.

Foundation row. Ch 5, slst to the first ch. you should have a ring.

Row 1. Ch 1, turn ch 4 more, keep it loose, work over your tail so you don’t have to weave it in later, Yo 3 times to make your Dtrc in the center of the ch 5, make 18 more Dtrcs in the ring, you should have 20 sts total counting the ch up as a st, slst into the top of the ch 5.

Tip: Keep the yarn tight when you do you’re initial yarn overs so that you have a fuller looking puff.

Row 2. Ch 3, turn, Yo twice, make a trc, this counts as a trc 2 together, *Yo 2, pull up a loop, Yo, pull through 2 loops, Yo pull through 2 loops, with the 2 loops still on your hook, Yo 2, and work into the next st, pull up a loop, Yo, pull through 2, Yo, pull through 2, Yo, pull through the remaining 3 loops,* repeat from *-* 8 more times.

In simple terms make a 2 together trc in the next 18 sts. You should have 10 2 together trcs all together, including the first with the chains, slst to the top of the first 2 together.

That’s it! Now you can choose to tie it off leaving a long tail to sew together with later, or to leave a short tail and weave in the ends that way.

There are two patterns to connect a crochet yoyo puff to another. One leaves a large gap in between the puffs. The other has much smaller gaps.

You sew them together using a variation mattress stitch as shown.


The little crochet yoyo puff is so easy to make that you can make a bunch in no time at all! However if you want a way to use them on their own:

  • You could use scrubby yarn plyed with cotton to make facial, body, or kitchen scrubbies.
  • The puffs can be sewn onto hats, bags, sweaters, etc. as a rosette type mofit.
  • You can use them as a cat toy. (Mostly because my first one was abducted by my cat, as you see in the photo below)
He loves the heater.

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This written pattern and all of the photos are copyrighted by Becka Hons. Please do not take them and use them as your own work. Please link back to this page if you wish to share it.

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