5 Tips for Completing a Crochet Project

I’ve heard quite a few people tell me that they have lots of unfinshed crochet projects laying around. This can sometimes leave you with a dissatisfied feeling.

Wether the holidays are coming up and you have some crocheting to do for Christmas, Valentines day, birthdays, or any other holiday, then this list can help you get those projects done! So, here are 5 tips for completing a crochet project!

1. Choose some smaller projects

This crochet drawstring pouch is perfect for cosplay or as an organizer!

Whether you’re a beginner to crocheting and you haven’t completed many projects or you’re making projects for gifts, choose some smaller projects that you can do so you build your experience and confidence.

They don’t have to be big to be impressive, small amigurumi projects, bookmarks, washcloths, and of course hats are all great smaller projects.

If you want a few ideas for small project that can be a present or just a good confidence builder. Try the:

  • Jar of hearts tutorial here
  • Crocheted Octopus here
  • Moss stitch washcloths here
  • Double thermal stitch pot holders here
  • Little drawstring bag here
  • Small drawstring pouch here
  • 3 DIY scrunchy patterns here

2. Organize Your Project

Whether you have plenty of time to crochet or bits of time here and there. It’s a good idea to make sure your yarn, hook, and pattern are all in one place when you need it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can use an old shoe box, easter basket, or even an unused purse or backpack that will fit it.

Keeping your stuff together, and accessible, makes it easier for you to get something done. Instead of trying to figure out where you put it, you’ll know right where it is. So keep it together, literally.

3. Plan for and around your projects

If you know you’re making something on a deadline, make sure you have some things figured out.

  • Use stitch markers! Even if you don’t need to remember where you are on a project, keep one in the working loop when you’re not crocheting. If the yarn starts to pull, it won’t frog your project.
  • Plan meals that you can prepare earlier in the day or week.*
  • Make sure you have enough yarn in the right colors.
  • If you have things scheduled that requires you to wait for periods of time, take your project with you.
  • Make sure you have all the nicnaks you need for the project, buttons, safety eyes, ribbons, pipe cleaners, stuffing, etc.

(*meal prep, slow cooker meals, cassaroles, and pressure cooker meals)

If you need some ideas for things you can do while you crochet, check out this article here.

4. Smallest first

If you have a bunch of projects you want to do and they range in size. Do the smaller ones first. This will help build your confidence and give you the motivation to keep going. There’s nothing like weaving in that last end to make you feel like you did something great!

5. Give yourself time

Be realistic about your time! If you want to make blankets for everyone, but you only have a month…that’s not going to go well. You’ll end up endlessly stressing and neglecting other parts of your life to get it done.

If you decide to make large or detailed projects, start them way before you think you need to.

Ever notice that the Christmas craft stuff comes out in October? That’s because professional crafters start their projects for Christmas then. You don’t necessarily have to give yourself 3 months, but it couldn’t hurt if you can. What’s the worst that can happen? You finish early?

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