Moss Stitch and Washcloth Pattern

Moss stitch and washcloth pattern

The linen stitch, the moss stitch, the woven stitch, and the granite stitch are actually all the same thing. Just be sure to specify that it’s a crochet tutorial you want since there are knit stitches that go by the same name. I love moss, so I’ll be referring to it as the moss stitch from here on.

I think everyone forgets something while traveling. My yarn got packed first and I always bring some cotton yarn, which is why I can make the very thing I forgot…washcloths.

This is a great stitch for any level and looks very well with a self stripping yarn. (you could also do yarn color changes if you wish) the moss stitch is a combination of single crochets and chain stitches which creates a flowy fabric that’s less dense then something made entirely of single crochet and is also quite pretty. It’s a one row repeat once you get it going and is reversable.

If you’re crocheting for relaxation or like repetitious stitches this is a really good one for you. You could easily make anything from this stitch, blankets, bags, washrags, head bands, etc. the sky is really the limit.

  • Ins = insert
  • Ch = chain
  • Sc = single crochet
  • St = stitch
  • YO = yarn over

Moss stitch tutorial

You can use any yarn type or weight with the appropriate sized hook for your desired affect.

Step 1. Make a foundation chain of any even number. Work into the back ridges of the chain. (I find it easier to keep track of this way)

Step 2. Ins your hook into the 4th back ridge from the hook, pull up a loop, YO, and pull through both loops. (1 Sc)

Step 3. YO, pull through the loop. (1 Ch)

Step 4. Skip 1 ch st, make 1 Sc in the next ch, ch 1.

Step 5. Repeat step 4 until you reach the last st, it should be a sc.

Ch 2,*work your sc into the hole made by the ch space, ch 1, skip the sc.*

Ch 2*, repeat from * to*. The last st should be a sc in the the 2 ch space.


Be sure to count your stitches; missing a stitch can throw this stitch off at worst or be quite noticeable at best.

Left, is the 2 chains normally/ right, I made the space more prominent.

It’s a little hard to see, but make sure you always end on a single crochet in the chain two space.

Moss Stitch Washcloth Pattern

  • Cotton yarn worsted weight (4)
  • 5.5 mm or I hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

I used peaches & creme, colorway royal and Crafter Secret cotton, colorway spring, for these cloths.

Row 1. Ch 48

Row 2. Ins your hook into the 4th back ridge from the hook, sc, *ch 1, skip 1 ch, sc in next st*, continue from *-* to the end, the last stitch will be a sc in the last ch. <46>

Row 3-27. Ch 2, *sc in the ch space, ch 1, repeat from * the last st will be a sc in the ch space. <46>

Optional Row 28. Make a border around the cloth using a half double crochet, make sure you use 3 half double crochets in each corner.

My two new washcloths using the moss stitch.

What do you know this stitch as? Let me know in the comments!