Jar of Crocheted Hearts

Some gifts are made from the heart and this one definitely shows it! Make your loved one, or yourself, a jar of crocheted hearts. They are easy to make and cute as can be, perfect for a quicker project or for beginners. This is a great opportunity to reuse a jar and upcycle it, just make sure you clean it out well so that there is no smell.

Quick tip: If your jar has a smell make a baking soda, dish soap, and water paste and spread it evenly throughout the jar. Let it sit over night and clean it out thoroughly the next morning, you can use a dishwasher if you have one.


This supply list is for the basics. There are extra ideas after the tutorial which I have an optional, secondary supply list for.

  • A pint or quart sized jar (my quart sized jar is a wide mouth)
  • Yarn (worsted weight 4)
  • Crochet hook (G/ 4.5 mm)
  • Stuffing
  • Yarn or tapestry needle
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Card stock or a gift tag (optional)

This project will be using my easy crocheted hearts pattern.

There are two ways you can use these hearts, you can keep them the way they are and fill the jar that way or you can take two hearts and sew them together to make a 3D plush heart. My instructions will be for the plush hearts.

Step 1. Make your hearts

You can make them in whatever color or colors you like. (Maybe the giftees favorite colors?) Make two sides for each heart using a 4. 5 mm hook. Make one side of your heart with a 9 inch tail for sewing.

Step 2. Sew and stuff

Take your heart with the tail, thread your needle, start at the notch of the heart where your tail is, and sew around the edges with a whip stitch. You can go through both of your top stitches or you can go through the back loops only depending on which you prefer.

Stop when you’re about 75% sewed up and stuff with part of a cotton ball or stuffing. Be careful not to over fill the hearts, you don’t want to see stuffing poke through. Finish sewing the heart up, secure the end, and draw the needle through to the bottom point. Snip the end and fluff the heart.

Step 3. Fill and decorate

jar of crocheted hearts

Now that your hearts are done fill the jar with them!

If your making the pint sized jar (right), you need 5 completed hearts. I you want to fill the quart sized jar (left), you need 10. I prefer the partially filled look, but if you like it completely filled then 10 for the pint jar (right) is completely filled, (it looks a bit too squished in my opinion). The quart sized jar is completely filled with 20 hearts.

Feel free to make as many or as few hearts as you want and fill the jar to your liking.

If you want to keep it simple, you can add some ribbon to the top and a tag with a sweet sentiment on it.

Extra ideas!

Extra supplies
  • LED string of 45 lights
    • Some stores have LEDs specifically for mason jars they should work just as well.
  • Electric tealight (Do not use a real candle)
  • Essential oils
  • Cotton balls
  • Imagination

You can theme the jar, (I chose to use galaxy colors) with a certain color scheme. Some other color pallet ideas are: tropical, winter, pastels, dark hearts, summer, and if you want more color inspiration I have a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest here.

If you want, you can purchase some small LED lights, like I did, to put into the jar as well. That makes the jar functions as a night light/pretty lighting. I suggest using the quart sized jar for this because the battery pack is on the large side. I was happy with using 10 finished heart plushes facing the “front” of the jar with the battery pack in the “back”.

If you want to add a little glow but don’t want the LED string, you can you and electric tea light instead.

You can place it in the bottom of the jar and place the hearts around them, or put it more towards the top like a mason jar candle. In these pictures I used the pint sized jar.

Instead of filling the heart with poly-fil, use cotton balls and put your favorite essential oils or fragrance oils inside the heart. You might want to use cotton yarn instead of acrylic, but both work. They can be used to freshen drawers, or a loop can be added to be used in closets and on knobs.

You can also make them scented and leave them in the jar, just open the top whenever you want to smell something nice.

You can add a loop to each one so that it can be hung regardless of whether or not it is scented.

Just thread the needle with a longer tail, draw it down through to the bottom of the heart and tie a large knot, tug the loop up so that the knot it hidden inside the heart, and you’re done!

Although these hearts are on the easy side, this project can take a couple hours. I believe that it is time well spent because the finished product is adorable and full of…. heart. Lol I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

In any case I think whoever receives this present, including you, will be able to enjoy it for years to come, I think it will be quite pretty on a book shelf, a side table, as a center piece, or on a fireplace mantel.

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Let me know if you are going to try out this crochet project in the comments! I’d love you hear from you.🦉😊

This pattern/project was created by me and can be used and tweaked for personal use, please do not sell my pattern on any platform, feel free to share this pattern. This is licensed under CC BY- NC-SA

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