How To: Make An Easy Cute Crochet Heart pattern

Cute crochet hearts
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The little crochet heart pattern I have here makes adorable and super easy heart motifs! This is a beginner friendly project that’s great for using scraps of yarn. I love how this pattern came out because it gives you such a wonderful plump heart.

These are great for crochet therapy or crocheting for anxiety as well since you can take a small bag of supplies with you. Also, if you’re here because you want to make something for some one special then you should definitely check out my Jar of Crocheted Hearts tutorial!


  • Red Heart super Saver in Red (or any color you want)
    • Any yarn you like
  • G/ hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


Easy Cute Crochet Heart pattern

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a locking Mc: How To: Make A Magic Circle Crochet Tutorial (Or An Alternative)

Step 1. In a locking Mc ch 3.

Step 2. Make 3 Tc. (Tc = yarn over 2, yarn over, pull through 2, yarn over pull though 2, yarn over pull through the last 2 sts)

Step 3. Make 4 Dc. (Dc= yarn over 1, yarn over, pull through 2, yarn over pull through the last 2 sts) full tutorial for the dc.

Step 4. Ch 1, Tc 1, Ch 1.

These work up quick once you know the pattern!

Step 5. Make 4 Dc.

Step 6. Make 3 Tc.

Step 7. Ch 3 and sl st into the mc.

Step 8. Pull your locking Mc closed, for a full tutorial on how to do this go here. (Instructions for regular Mc below!)

Then finish off the end of your work and make a tight knot with both of ends.

Weave in both ends if you want it more secure and snip the extra yarn.

Step 8 (if you used a regular Mc). Take your end from the mc and weave it with a needle through all the center stitches.

Here’s how you can secure the ends if you didn’t use a locking Mc or for extra security.

That’s your heart, now here are some opinions and what to do with them!

What to do with it?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Sew it onto something like a hat or a bag.
  • Make a bunch of them and fill a small jar to give to a loved one.
  • Attach it to a Valentine.
  • Make them for Valoween or Halloween like I did in this post: Coming soon!
  • Attach it to a tag.
  • Make it into a bookmark.
    • If you decide to make a bookmark it’s better to decide this first so you can give yourself a nice long tail. Take both your ends make a nice tight knot. Take your long ends, make a knot 2 inches from the ends, and thread a few beads up to the knot. Knot the other side so they can’t shift.
  • Make it into a necklace
    • Similarly to the bookmark, give yourself nice long tails that give you the length you desire for you necklace. Take both of your ends and make a nice tight knot. Then make a knot about an inch from the loose yarn ends.

The sky is the limit with these little guys. I hope you like making them as much as I did!

What are you going to do with these? Let me know and happy heart making!

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