I Bought Missized Furls Crochet Hooks…On Purpose?

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I know, it might sound a bit crazy.. But I swear it was a good price and I’m sure the hook isn’t bad, just misunderstood. At least, that’s what the description on the Furls Fiberarts site said. I’ve been drooling over the Supernova colorway in the Streamline Swirl crochet hooks from Furls for a while now. So when I got an alert that they were going to sell the seconds at half price I had to snatch up a couple. Can you really blame me? I guess we’ll find out in a moment.


The Furls Streamline resin crochet hooks are normally $24.00, but the seconds sell for $12.00.

It’s more expensive than any of the hooks I’ve bought before, so I have pretty high expectations.

What are seconds?

Okay, so, if you don’t know the seconds are hooks that are; Imperfect, (i.e. too much of the secondary color, too much of the main color, clear gaps of resin, not enough swirl in the hook.) or Missized, quite literally stamped with the wrong size.

I was originally going to grab a couple of potentially wonky color mixes. However, I ended up not being able to do that, because they were completely sold out of all the sizes in the Imperfect category. As a result, I made the snap decision to try out the missized ones. They say that they can be up to two sizes off in either direction. On the plus side, I thought I would do a post on it for anyone that wanted to purchase these Missized “Seconds”. I’ll report back in a couple of days, when they arrive, but for you.. there’s no wait you just have to keep reading.. (sigh)

The Furls Streamline Crochet Hooks are here!!

I ordered these hooks around the 14th of January and they finally got here on the 24th!! I’m amazingly excited to see what they look like and what size they’re going to be.

Furls Streamline crochet Hooks box

Here’s the box, it came very well packaged, as you can see. Especially when you pay a higher price you want everything to be secure during shipping. That the filler is paper was very much appreciated, I can throw it in my compost bin or burn it.

Furls Streamline crochet Hooks unboxing

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually measure the hook and put it on the box so that you know what size they are. I thought I was going to have to size it out myself.

Furls Streamline crochet Hooks

Finally, here are the hooks out of the box! I am in love with the supernova colors. It really does have that galaxy feel, and it’s sparkly!!! I’m not usually a fan of sparkles or pink, but with the black and dark blue I’m completely fine with it!

I actually picked up one hook that was full price and correctly labeled. This is part of the Streamline Zodiac Swirl line. It’s called Taurus, and I had to get it because its purple!! This is kind of a sneak peek because you know I’m going to review this once I’ve used them enough.

Are they Worth it?

Drumroll please!

I would say, yes.

I’ve never had the streamline resin hooks before and I was unsure if I would like them because I like some weight to my hook. Resin doesn’t usually weigh that much so I was definitely on the fence. When you’re talking about $24 a hook, I can’t help but have reservations. $12 is still a bit expensive, but I would say it’s a great way to see if you like the product and see how Furls Fiberarts is as a company (good packaging does matter to me.). They are amazingly smooth in your hand and look beautiful with the size engraved on it’s handle… Albeit the wrong size but still.

Bottom line, if you don’t mind having an odd size hook, or hook that has a clear spot, too much of a color, etc. then I would say go for it! While I’m writing this the Supernova Seconds are still sold out, but here’s the link for it so you can check for yourself: https://furlscrochet.com/products/streamline-swirl-crochet-hooks-supernova-seconds

Update: Furls has six different streamline hooks as seconds now. The colors are: Aquarius, Taurus, Aries, Virgo, Supernova, and Solar Flare.


Furls Streamline crochet Hooks

The only down sides I could see from them, would be that if I don’t keep the hooks in their respective boxes I probably won’t remember what the odd size is. The other is personal preference, if you are a Susan Bates hook fan (inline hook) Then you’re all good. If you’re a Boye hook fan (tapered hook), then you might not be so happy. Especially on the smaller Taurus hook the head is extremely pointy. This would be an issue for you with any of Furls hooks though since I’ve only seen inline hooks from them. (I personally use both types.)

About the weight of the hook..

As it turns out, they must put some sort of weight in the resin pour, because it has a nice weight to it in the center of the hook. I got a Furls Odyssey hook for Christmas from my awesome husband, so I can say it definitely is lighter then the Odyssey hook*, but is not so light as to feel like you’re not holding anything. I personally think the weight is perfect for my hands.

*Furls Odyssey hooks are weighted hooks that are supposed to help you crochet faster without hurting your hand and wrist.

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