Furls Streamline Zodiac Crochet Hook Review

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Hey, yall remember when I Bought Missized Furls Crochet Hooks…On Purpose? Well, I also bought a regular one (for free shipping purposes of course…đź‘€) It’s been a few months since I bought them, I’ve been using them just about every day for about 6 months now.. And I thought that a Furls Streamline Zodiac crochet hook review was due.

Are Furls Streamline Zodiac crochet hooks worth the money? Let’s see in this review.



The mis-sized or mistake ones are half the price at $12.00 each.


Close up shot of the Taurus Zodiac hook

Taurus hooks have a deep purple base, with swirls of pink, mint, and a stunning shimmer throughout. Each hook will have a slightly different ratio of these colors, making each hook unique! Photos shown are just an example of what your unique hook may look like.

Each Streamline Resin hook is hand carved to measure 7″ in length, making it a comfortable option for pencil and knife grips alike. Our resin hooks weigh approximately 0.5oz each and have a diameter of 17mm at the widest point.

The above is taken from the, Furlscrochet.com website.

Note: The above is taken from the Taurus listing because that’s the one I have.

My Experience With Furls Streamline Zodiac crochet hooks

I knew from the beginning that I absolutely wanted the Taurus streamline zodiac hook. Why, you might ask? Because purple!

When I opened it up I was amazingly happy just with how gorgeous the colorway was. I had never used a resin hook before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised about the weight. It’s definitely not as heavy as the Odyssey hooks, but it it’s not overly light either.

I also got a Pisces hook in a size J/6.mm. The Pisces Streamline Zodiac Crochet Hooks have smoky blues and silver sparkly swirls. It’s definitely a favorite of mine.

The Taurus and Pisces stream line zodiac hooks

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with cons.

I really only have one complaint and part of it is preference. These are inline hooks, which aren’t my favorite, but I get used to it pretty quickly. However, because inline hooks tend to be sharper in the hook, I do worry about the tip breaking off.

As for pros.

The Streamline Zodiac hooks are gorgeous. each one is hand carved so you have a beautiful piece of art in your hand as you work. It’s amazingly smooth so it glides through yarn. It has a nice feel in your hand, it has the size engraved on the side of the hook. The hook has a nice weight to it, but, it’s not heavy, so it’s a good middle ground.

Are the Streamline Zodiac crochet hooks worth it?

The Pisces Zodiac Hook

Yes. If you’re on the fence, I’d go for the seconds that they have for $12. More about those here: I Bought Missized Furls Crochet Hooks…On Purpose?

They are really nice hooks that feel very comfortable in your hand. The fact that they are gorgeous to look at is a great bonus.

To elaborate on the con from before. I have dropped them a few times and they’re no worse for the wear. But, it seems like a, “it fell just the wrong way,” type of thing. Like when you drop your phone face down and your heart jumps in your throat.

If I worked a stitch too tight, I would not try to force my hook through the hole with this hook. I also would not throw it into a bag or wrap in up in my project without protection (like a case). I’m very sure that it would shatter or break if flung or thrown.

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