15 Amazing Gift Ideas For Crocheters

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It’s the gift giving time of the year! I know that crocheters can be hard to buy for, so I thought a little guide that gives you some gift ideas for crocheter might be in order.

If you’re looking for some ideas for what to buy your crocheter, then you’re in the right place! I put together this gift guide with some helpful tips and a few search terms that might help you out.

I did put a link to a couple of reviews I’ve done (in case you wanted more information), and I do a small plug for my Redbubble shop, but otherwise there’s no annoying links of affiliate stuff in here. Oh, I also link to a short video on how to use a swift, not mine, but that’s just so you know what it is. My goal with this post is to give people ideas/incite on what crocheters use and like.

Let’s get into it!

Stitch Markers

This can be a great option for the crocheter in your life. You can make simple ones from charms or beads if you’re crafty. There are tons of options on Etsy, Amazon, and the craft store that you can choose from.

I personally love making my own, but my husband bought me a big pack of these plastic ones a few years ago and I love having so many to work with.

Just make sure that the person you’re buying them for uses stitch markers, some crocheters like to live dangerously and not use them.

New hooks

There are so many hook brands out there, and obviously it depends on your budget, but there are tons of great gift ideas for crocheters.

Furls is probably the most expensive, they are a luxury hook brand that makes ergonomic crochet hooks. Here are a couple reviews I’ve done on their products if your curious: Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook Review, https://magicowlstudios.com/2022/09/16/furls-streamline-zodiac-crochet-hook-review/.

Clover hooks are always a favorite with crocheters as they are ergonomic and good quality. They don’t wear down like budget hooks that look similar to them. Here are the ones I reviewed: Clover Amour Ergonomic Hooks Review. My husband got me the full set one year, but you can always go for the hooks that your person uses the most. These are on the mid-range side of price.

If you still want to get a hook but need something on the cheaper side, then I like the Yarnology Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Review from Hobby Lobby. They’re on the less expensive side and make sure you look out for their 50% off Yarnology sale.

You can also look on Etsy for hand made hooks if none of these strike your fancy.

Needle holders or cases

Weaving in the ends on a project is probably something you’ve heard them complain about. Most of us hate it, but do it we must.. So yarn or tapestry needles are a necessary evil. But it’s amazing how they get away from us. They disappear into the ether when we “just put them down for a moment”, or into our project bag never to be seen again.

So, although it might sound like a simple thing, a needle holder is the perfect stocking stuffer. I have a couple of them since I tend will work on multiple projects at once. There on ones from Hobby Lobby, Amazon, tons on Etsy, and Furls has very pretty ones. (If your looking into Furls hooks and need a bit more for free shipping, then their needle holders are a great option)

Needle holde or case Gift Ideas for crocheters

Stitch counters and measuring tapes

Stitch counters are one of those items that some crocheters use and some don’t. There are many different types, digital ones, dial types, and I’ve even seen some use a stitch counter ring. So, I’d go down the rabbit hole and see which ones you think your crocheter would like.

Measuring tapes are one of those things that most crocheters tend to use. There are so many types and sizes they make great gift ideas for crocheters. I’ve seen shaped ones, fabric covered ones, ruler bracelets (they tend to be made of leather), and even plushy ones. This is another one that would make a great stocking stuffer.

Crochet Books

There are so many crochet related books out there! Pattern books, stitch tutorial books, books on crochet therapy, how to design your own patterns and so many more.

My Husband got me a Harry Potter crochet wizardry book for my birthday and I was thrilled to open it. If you know that they’re looking into Tunisian crochet, color work, amigurumi, or some other crochet technique, than look into a book on that specific subject.

There are so many types of amigurumi pattern books out there, just make sure if you buy them on that it’s stuff in a style they like.

Amigurumi, if you didn’t know, is The Japanese art of crocheting or knitting stuffed yarn toys.

I just typed in: Crochet book, on amazon and got a bunch of different options. You don’t have to get them on amazon of course, but it’s a great way to find books you think they would like.

If you have a crocheter that is into a particular fandom, then try looking or crochet kit. Ive seen ones that have characters from The Office, Friends, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney princesses and villains, other Disney movies. A kit just came out this year ( 2022) for Nightmare Before Christmas! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge to my Husband)

Bottom line, there are so many options for crochet books. Obviously, just make sure they don’t already have that particular book before you buy them one.


I personally love anything with a mystery, but what kind of books does your person or people like?

There are quite a few of us crocheters who love listening to audiobooks while we work on projects. If your crocheter does too then maybe see if feeding the addiction is the just the gift they’re looking for.

Do they have a audiobook subscription service? Do they buy audiobooks at the store? Is there a book they’ve been wanting?

Or does your giftee prefer real books? I’m a both kind of girl myself. But what does your person prefer?

If you’re curious about audiobook in this picture, it’s called Murder, She Knit by Peggy Ehrhart. I loved this book! If your person likes to watch Murder, She Wrote, they will probably like this book.

Audiobook gift ideas for crocheters

Yarn cutters and scissors

I know what you’re thinking I just said the same thing twice… But I didn’t.

yarn cutters and snips Gift Ideas for crocheters

Yarn cutters are becoming more and more popular, they can be worn as a key chain, bracelet, or pendent. And the main idea is that they only cut when you want them to. There’s a sharp blade in a recess that you pull the yarn into when you want to cut it.

There are so many types of snips, scissors, and cutters out there. They come in every shape from antique and elegant to unicorn shaped and rainbow colored. This is one of those gift ideas for crocheters that you can really customize to the persons likes.

Yarn Swag

Just like for your favorite fandoms, there are shirts, enamel pins, socks, stickers, mugs, tumblers, notebooks, prints, and even kitchen towels with yarn loving sentiments. Redbubble could be a good place to go for some yarn, or specifically crochet, swag. I know there’s tons of stuff on Etsy as well. I’m sure you could find something just up their alley. Amazon has some awesome t-shirt vendors that you could look through too!

Shameless plug, I have a Redbubble shop if you want to see it.. It’s very yarny but I have some of my art over there too.

On Amazon I found a lot of shirts with the search term: funny crochet shirts

On Redbubble I found some awesome stuff with the search term: crochet

On Etsy I found some.. interesting items from funny to risque.. But this search term gave the most diverse stuff with the crochet theme: crocheting gift

Bear in mind that Etsy caters your searches to each person, so you might end up with different stuff than I did.

Yarn winders and swifts

These are a more specific gift ideas for crocheters, if your person already has a yarn winder and swift than you obviously don’t want to get them another.

However, if they work with large balls of yarn and often complain that their winder is too small.. then you can be their hero by getting them a large capacity yarn winder. They come in plastic form and in vintage wooden winder forms. I’ve seen them on both Etsy and Amazon, so make sure you check around. They’re usually on the more expensive side, so be sure that they want one.

If they don’t have one it may be because they don’t like them. Make sure you, or someone in your stead, ask about their thoughts on them.

As for swifts, they are an interesting tool that are made for winding up hanks of yarn. Yarn swifts come in metal, plastic, and wooden versions. Here’s a video tutorial on how to use one if you want to see how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CZBnsvDNBI

Yarn Bowls

There are so many different types of yarn bowls. There are wooden, ceramic, metal, resin, and plastic one.

yarn bowl Gift Ideas For Crocheters

They come in large sizes and smaller ones, they are a great way to have your latest project out on the coffee or side table without it looking messy. They’re also a great way to keep your yarn cakes or balls contained so they don’t flop onto the floor and gather pet fur, dirt, and hair.

Usually, they’re weighted at the bottom so that they don’t slide while you’re using them. The nicer ceramic ones will typically have felt or something on the bottom to protect the surface you have them on.

Yarn bowls can range in price from expensive to on the cheaper side, it really does depend.

Make sure the person you’re buying for uses, or wants, a yarn bowl.

Hook Organizer

There are so many types of hook organizers out there. Wood, resin, plastic, fabric, hook displays, caddies, etc. If your crocheter is Furls enthusiast they have tons of hook display options on their website. There are lots of options on Etsy, just type in: crochet hook caddie or crochet hook caddy, to get a fair amount of options.

There are also crochet hook rolls and cases, which are usually fabric with slots for crochet hooks, scissors, and needle holders.

Make sure you consider the type of hooks that the person you’re buying for has. If they have all large ergonomic hooks, then you don’t want to get something meant for the plain aluminum hooks. If they have high end hooks that they enjoy looking at/ displaying then you don’t want to get them a fabric caddie that has the hooks all crushed together.

Yarn Bag

I know, I just finished telling you about yarn bowls and now there’s a yarn bag? In a word, yes. Yarn bags are incredibly useful for the crocheter on the go. They’ re also useful for the crocheter who’s a homebody. Having a place to put you’re project makes it so much easier to keep track of. Yarn bags range from having a large tote that you claim as a yarn bag to an actual bag made for holding yarn and notions usually with a larger space for the project it self.

I love large totes that have a flat bottom personally. But if you can, see what your crocheter does with their projects. Do they use whatever they can?e Do they have a favorite bag? What style is it? If they have a favorite see if you can get get them something similar. If they’re always complaining about a particular feature of what they’re working with, see if you can fill the need.

Notion bag

A notion, if you didn’t know, is a object used in sewing or handy crafts. Like buttons, needles, hooks, stitch markers, tape measures, snips, etc.

You can turn any smaller bag into a notion bag, I found this Nightmare Before Christmas clutch and use it to hold my favorite items. I also have a wristlet bag from furls, (it was a “free” gift with purchase.) that can fit a hook as well and notions.

These can be great gift ideas for crocheters to customize. You can get them a small bag that is yarn or crochet related. You could get a bag with their favorite fandom on it, or even something that fits their aesthetic.

If you’re crafty you can get a small, blank, canvas bag and decorate it! You could use a cricut, paint, iron-ons, patches, whatever you think they’d like.

Yarn threader

Yarn Threader Gift Ideas for crocheters

I got this one from my Mom a few Christmases ago, and let me tell you… I was thrilled when I found it in my stocking!

This one is from Clover and I love that it’s full metal. There are times when the yarn just will not behave when you’re trying to weave in the ends. It unravels, frays, and is just a pain to thread.

I suggest making sure that your crocheter is already looking for one or has a cheaper one that has seen better days.. It doesn’t have to be a Clover one, but I would say make sure it’s full metal and that the part that threads isn’t flimsy. This little gadget is a bit pricey, ranging from $5-$12 USD. Amazon had them on the cheapest when I wrote this, but shop around.


I know you may be thinking, why is this one all the way down here? Because some crocheters are super picky about their yarn! If you know of a yarn that they use all the time, in a color that they really like, then by all means grab some yarn for them.

Likewise if they’ve been talking about wanting a specific yarn for a while now. Go ahead and grab it for them. Just try to make sure it’s in a color they want and that there’s enough of the yarn in the right dye lot for them to make the project they wanted to. ( If the word dye lot makes no sense to you, or you know what it is and have no clue where to find it on a label. You might want to look at this post: How to Read a Yarn Label)

However, if you’re not sure about what type of yarn they like. Or you know they’re very picky about the yarn they use… just don’t buy it for them.

Yarn is expensive! And the amount of types there are out there is ridiculous. If you know yarn is something they want/ slash need. Then I suggest either taking them on a shopping trip or buying them a gift card to their favorite craft store, yarn shop, online retailer, whatever they use.

Unless you know they prefer it, I would avoid gift cards. Or at the very least, get them a small something to open along with the gift card. (This is how I tend to do things, but obviously you know the person you’re buying for better than I do.)

That’s about it..

Some covert ops might be in order to make sure that any of these items are something they want to open on their birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, St. Valentines day, or whatever you’re buying for. But, I promise it will be well worth it to see their face light up!

Did I miss anything? Let me know if there’s something that would make great gift ideas for crocheters that wasn’t on this list. Or that you would want for your crocheting ways.

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