Yarnology Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Review

Yarnology Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Sizes P (12 mm) and J (6.0 mm)

It’s starting to get cold in the northern hemisphere and thoughts of warm fires and blankets are especially welcome. For me, the scene isn’t complete without crocheting.(or reading, but that’s besides the point.)

That’s why I started looking at crochet hooks again. I love crocheting, but man can it hurt your hands after a while. So, when I visited Hobby Lobby and saw Yarnology had a new (new to my store at least) ergonomic hook line I was tempted enough to get two!

They go by Yarnology Luxury Crochet Hooks for sizes H – K or Yarnology Ergonomic Crochet Hooks for sizes L – P/Q.

I’ve tried a few ergonomic hooks before, but they either didn’t make it any more comfortable or in one case, the hook actually broke in two days! So, I was more then a little leery when I brought them home..


The price varies by the size H to P/Q: $2.99 – $3.99

It’s not a bad price honestly, on it’s own. Yarnology goes 40% – 50% off every once in a while so that would get you the best price on them.

First Impressions

I grabbed a size J or 6.0 mm and P or 12. mm and got to work on some Christmas presents!

They are a smooth plastic (the purple bit) with silicone as a grip (the grey bit). I wasn’t thrilled with it being plastic, I usually prefer metal, but they really are comfortable in the hand and they don’t feel cheap or like they’re going to break.

After Two Weeks

I’ve been crocheting every day for 2 weeks and have not had any hand pain at all! They are very lightweight, but there is no sign of them breaking, they aren’t flimsy.

I’ve been doing an alpine stitch scarf, it’s a nice variation of stitches and it’s actually been pretty quick to work up because of how smooth the hook moves.

Update: 2 years later

The J/6.mm hook had gotten sticky and yellowed on the grey silicone. All the others are still in perfect condition and I bought them shortly after this review was originally posted. I’m not sure why one acted differently, I used the H/5.mm hook just as often and it has no sign of wear, yellowing, or stickiness. I just thought you might want to be aware. I stand by my following review.

The Verdict is?

Alpine stitch scarf

I’m most definitely going back for more sizes!

My only complaint isn’t really with the hooks but with the sizes…they only go down to an H or 5.0 mm and since I do make smaller items sometimes it’s a bit of a downer. On the up side this line goes all the way up to P/Q or 15 mm.

I also read in a review on Hobby Lobby that the size numbers rub off after a while. I’ll probably take a bit of clear nail polish and put it on the number.

Update: I never did put the nail polish on and none of the numbers have worn away on mine.

If you’re wondering why I’m putting both metric and US sizes, it’s because the metric is more reliable. Different companies will call a hook a G, but one it will be a 4.0 mm and the other can be a 4.5. So, I typical go by the metric method.

Do you crochet? If so, what are you making? If not, would you be interested in tutorials?