Reviewing The Tombow Sand MONO Eraser

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Would have been ruined without the eraser.

Erasers are an essential part of most artists pencil case. However, not all erasers are created equal in quality and they don’t all do the same thing. Kneaded erasers, plastic white erasers, and eraser pencils have all become common place in art spaces, but what about the Tombow MONO Sand Eraser? Let’s find out.


List price is $5.99 for a 2 pack.

You can pick this up with a 40% or 50% off coupon at Michaels if you want to try them. Blicks price is $5.04 but if you’re pretty sold on them they’re cheapest in this 5 pack from amazon for $9.

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The Facts

This is the description according to Tombow: “Natural rubber latex and silica grit eraser removes colored pencil and ink marks, including ballpoint, rollerball and some markers. Environmentally friendly, produced with all natural materials.”

These are the features:

  • It’s a rubber latex and silica grit
  • Can remove pen and colored pencil marks
  • Environmentally friendly (according to the site)
  • Natural materials

My Thoughts And Testing

I used this eraser almost constantly through out Inktober and just having the eraser made me braver with my inking. I was also able to save and clean up a couple of my drawing because of this eraser.

The eraser feels like a super fine sand paper, essentially it sands the top layer of paper away along with the medium, so you do have to be concerned about the quality of the paper you use it on. Speaking of which..

The white spots are the erased bits. Strathmore mixed media visual journal

I was pleasantly surprised with how well it took the different mediums off the paper. I did this swatch the second I got home which made me very excited to use it. I used it with some polycromos initially and was really happy that I could take it back to the paper or just take the top layer of medium off depending on my pressure. It did smear a bit, but it was easily fixed.

I used it the most on the Strathmore mixed media visual journal which is 100% cotton. I was able to erase ink in that sketchbook, however since I was using a watercolor technique, when I added wet media, the paper did have a bit of pilling from scrubbing too zealously. When you use it you use this eraser definitely have to make sure that your paper is completely dry and that you apply a gentle even pressure so you don’t harm your paper.

Is It Worth it?

The tombow sanded mono eraser can definitely change how you create. It is the most impressive eraser I’ve ever come across. I have used it on everything from graphite and polycromos pencils, to Black Star hi carb India Ink and Qor watercolors, it can all be erased!

I got a splotch of green on one of my paintings and was able to remove it, which essentially saved the painting. I truly think it should become as popular as kneaded erasers because it’s just as useful.

Word Of Warning

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I used the eraser while the paper was wet, then had to go over it with more ink that’s why the edge is choppy

Be aware of the type of paper you’re using. Watercolor paper has sizing on it which keeps the water/color on the surface of the paper, this eraser, if used too roughly, can remove the sizing from the surface and if your paper isn’t sized on the inside you will not get an even wash in that area. Cheaper papers are usually sized only on the surface.

I would be very careful using wood pulp (also called cellulose) paper as well, since it is not as robust as cotton. Always check your supplies on the paper you’re using with the media you’re using before you use it on a piece you intend on finishing

This eraser has a special place in my pencil case, how about yours? Have you tried this eraser or do you plan on trying it? Let me know in the comments!