A Good Foundation…Stitch

I’ve been crocheting for a while, well over a decade, but it was only 4 years ago that I learned about the foundation stitch. Who came up with this stitch, I have no clue, but God bless them!

Anyone that’s made a project that’s longer than 10 stitches can tell you that chaining and the first single crochet can get a bit dicey. The chain can become twisted and let’s not mention the stretched out mess that the chain can become from putting the hook in and out.

I use this foundation stitch for most of my projects and when I recently spoke to some fellow crocheters they didn’t know how to do this stitch, so I decided to do a tutorial since this stitch is quick and makes your crochet life so much easier!

The Foundation Stitch

Step 1. Chain 3.

Step 2. Insert your hook into the first chain and bring up a loop.

Step 3. Yarn over and bring through the loop you just made. This is the chain stitch part.

Step 4. Insert your hook into the 2nd chain, bring up a loop, yarn over, bring it through the two loops on the hook like a single crochet. This is the single crochet part.

That is a completed foundation stitch and counts as one stitch.

Step 5. Find the Chain stitch you made in step 3 and insert your hook into it.

Step 6. Yarn over and pull through, yarn over once more and pull through the two loops on your hook. This is a finished stitch.

Step 7. Continue for your desired length.

SC = single crochet DC = double crochet

Step 8. When you’re ready to do your next row*, turn your work and chain one if you’re continuing a single crochet, chain two for a double crochet. Continue with your pattern/project.

(*the foundation stitch counts as row 1 and 2. So, the next row would be considered your 3rd)


Here is a side by side comparison, the left one is a normal chain and a row of single crochet, the one on the right is a foundation stitch that goes into a row of double crochet.

I hope you enjoy using this stitch as much as I do! It’s literally two rows in one and extremely useful for longer projects.

Did you know about this stitch? Is there one you’d like me to do a tutorial on? Let me know in the comments!

As always happy creating!

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