Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook Review

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While scrolling through Instagram a few years ago, I came across Furls crochet, a small business that makes crochet hooks. It had the word crochet in it, so I decided to take a look. (Who knew years later I would be doing a Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook Review?)

While they had some beautiful hooks, I saw the price and a ghost exited my body for a second. I went back to scrolling after drooling a bit more and mostly forgot about them, until last year.

I started hearing about Furls Crochet hooks from other crochet enthusiasts and YouTubers. So, I took another look… and they were still expensive. But, I had already learned the benefits of ergonomic hooks (Yarnology Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Review & Clover Amour Ergonomic Hooks Review) by this point. So, I bookmarked them and decided that maybe on a good sale I might snatch one up.

I’ve been crocheting for a while now. One major thing that worries me is my hands and wrists giving out on me.

I really like the weight of my The Hook Nook Travel Set Crochet Hooks. But, they do untwist as I work, and it annoys me enough to put me off them for a bit. So, when I saw the Odyssey weighted hook line… I was very interested.

My issue; that I don’t generally buy expensive items for myself.. So, I just drooled from a far.

Enter my wonderful husband 💜. He got me the Odyssey Hook in a candy apple red J/6.mm for Christmas! It, along with a lucet fork, was my big gift and now I get to share my opinion on it with you. Is it as great as I hoped? We’ll find out!


$36.00 – $38.00 USD

The hooks from B/2.25 to M/8.mm are $36.

The N/9.mm and P/10.mm hooks are $38.


The Odyssey’s nickel-plated pewter neck is chrome-smooth, making for easy stitches and great crocheting speed.

These hooks are roughly 6.75″ long, and weigh between 1.3-1.8 oz, depending on the size.

Note: The above is taken from the Furlscrochet.com website. https://furlscrochet.com/products/silver-odyssey-nickel-crochet-hook

First impressions

I write this in early January 2022, I’ve used the hook a few times and I love it so far. The weight is perfect for me. I usually don’t like inline hooks but, I haven’t had any issues with it catching yarn badly. The handle is super smooth, streamline, and sparkly as heck. The only issues I can for see at the moment is:

  1. The body of the hook tapers so I’ll have to be conscious of how big my loop gets on the hook.
  2. The size is indicated on the bottom of the hook… with a sticker. I’m really hoping this sticker doesn’t fall off.

After 6-7 months

Here I am in August 2022. I have another two Furls Odyssey hooks, this time in Emerald green. One is G+/4.5mm and the other is I/5.5mm. I have been using the G+ nonstop for about 6 weeks. I still love the weight, and I have become very used to the hook I.E. the inline hook and even the taper. As of yet, none of the stickers have rubbed/fallen off.

I do feel like I crochet faster with this hook, which surprised me. I can also crochet for longer periods of time with out my hand getting fatigued.


My biggest complaint about this hook is that the size of the hook is only indicated by a sticker on the bottom of the hook. With the price if the hook being $36.89, I really wish it was carved in, or at the very least glued on to the bottom using more than paper.

I really wish they would add something to them that won’t just fade away with time or get scraped off at some point.

Are the Odyssey hooks worth it?

I would say, yes. The weight of the hook, along with the shape of the handle, make it so I have no pain what so ever in my wrist or hand. They are a bit expensive, but they run good sales fairly frequently. That’s how I got two more hooks. And they have free shipping when you spend $60 or more.

It would definitely be a splurge or a gift to yourself for most people (myself included). However, if you have an issue with wrist of hand pain when you crochet, this very well may be the answer.

What do you think? Would you try one? Let me know in the comments below!

Update: Furls has discontinued this hook line. Here’s an article from them tell us why: https://furlscrochet.com/pages/a-heartfelt-goodbye-to-two-iconic-crochet-hook-styles?_pos=1&_sid=81bf1cee3&_ss=rhttps://furlscrochet.com/pages/a-heartfelt-goodbye-to-two-iconic-crochet-hook-styles?_pos=1&_sid=81bf1cee3&_ss=r

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