The Hook Nook Travel Set Crochet Hooks Review

Crochet hooks are the tools of the trade and it doesn’t seem like you can ever have enough of them.

When I saw this beautiful little travel set for the first time, my yarn shaped heart skipped a beat. It was love 💘… then I remembered I was on a budget and that this particular love was forbidden, so I shed my tear, and bid the set adiue.

Description and features

Get all your favorite hook sizes in one spot with this unique, interchangeable designer hook set! It features two metallic black resin handles and 6 interchangeable crochet hook tips so you can change between tips quickly and easily. The kit even comes with a beautiful carrying case so you can take it on the go!
INCLUDES: Carrying case, 2 metallic black resin handles, and 6 interchangeable crochet hook tips. Hook sizes: H (5mm), I (5.25mm), J (5.75mm), K (6.5mm), L (8mm), N (10mm)

The above is the description from The Hook Nook Life website.


$40.00 USD

All silliness aside it is reasonably priced, I just knew I had those sizes at home and didn’t want to splurge unnecessarily.

The only physical store I’ve seen this set in, is Joann’s. If you watch, you can usually catch a good sale or coupon.

Hope in the end

Don’t get too sad because the story has a happy ending, love prevails! And in this case, (haha, get it? It’s in a case?) the knight in shining armor is the actual love of my life and is a standing there with a green clearance sticker on the package!

Apparently, my awesome husband, found it on clearance a few weeks later and gave it to me for my birthday. Why is the clearance important? He knows I love a good deal as much as I love crocheting. He was going to get it regardless, but was able to proudly pronounce that it was on sale…I think I swooned.

My Experience

I started using them in mid June 2020, the picture was taken fresh out of the packaging, I was fairly sure that the hooks themselves would not break, but the case… I just wasn’t sure how much traveling abuse it could take.

The black traveling case, (I 💜 black) has a gold flower on the front, the inside is white with Tiffany blue straps. The whole case seems to be made of faux leather.

The hooks, I noticed right away, were a bit heavier than any of my others and the shape felt nice in my hand.

Through the magic of editing, I am here in December 2020. I’ve used these hooks consistently for 6 months, as for the traveling aspect of the case..I tested that using my yarn bag, my satchel, and my pocket.

Still looks pretty nice.

As you can see, it’s no worse for wear…and did I mention I used this travel set when moving across states?


I love this set, I wish there were more hook sizes for it. (Jessica, if you read this expand the set please!) The extra weight in the handles seem to make it easier to crochet. What’s more, I haven’t had any wrist issues when working with these hooks.

I really enjoy being able to switch the hooks out with a just a few twists. The only think I can think of that is a con to these, is that while I’m crocheting fast sometimes the head gets a little loose. However this is if I’m seriously knit picking as it’s easy enough to twist it tight again.

I will say that if I go from this one to working with a different hook, I notice the difference. Even one of my other favorites from Yarnology or Clover, it feels kinda foreign in my hand for a minute or two because of the size and weight differences.

So, if you’ve been eyeing this set or you have a loved one who loves crochet, I would definitely recommend this product!

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