Crochet Snowflake Ornament

Real snowflakes shape are determined by their fall through atmospheric layers. The shapes can range from the iconic 6 sided fractiles to capped columns like the picture below.

Snowflake 300um LTSEM, 13368, Rime frost on both ends of a “capped column” snowflake

Coming up with this pattern was a tad difficult, but quite worth it since I love the look of crocheted ornaments and snowflakes especially. I decided to make it simpler then some of the other beautiful designs I’ve seen so that anyone can make this. It’s only 3 rows!

Whether you hang them in the window, on the tree, or on a cabinet knob, they are always a wonderful addition to your holiday or winter decor. And I hope you enjoy making it.

So, here’s a simple snowflake that will look great anywhere in your home! Make a bunch for you and your loved ones.


  • White yarn Red Heart Super Savers
    • You can use any color you want
  • G/4mm hook
  • Snips
  • Yarn or tapestry needle


  • St = stitch
  • Ch = chain
  • Sc = single crochet
  • Dc = Double crochet
  • Slst = slip stitch

Foundation row. Ch 5, slst to the first st.

Row 1. Ch 4 this counts as a dc and ch 1,*1 dc, ch 1,* repeat until you have 12 posts total, slst to the 3rd ch.

Row 2. Slst into the ch space, ch 1, sc into the space, *ch 4, sc to the next ch space, ch 6, sc to the next ch space,* repeat till you reach the first ch 4 space, slst to the first sc. There should be 12 loops.

This is how the flake will look when you’re done with the 2nd row.

Row 3. Slst to the top of the ch 4 loop, ch 1, sc in the top, *ch 2, make a dc in the ch 6 loop, make a picot (ch 3, slst to the first ch), dc, dc, make a large picot (ch 7, slst to the first ch), dc, dc, make a picot, dc, ch 2, sc to the top of the ch 4,*

repeat this til you reach the first sc and slst to it.

Weave in your ends. That’s your snowflake!


You can use size 8 crochet thread for a lacier looking snowflake. I used a size 3.5mm hook for this one. It will be a smaller snowflake as well.

So, who else remembers those old snowflakes and lace ornament being as stiff as a board when they were kids? There are quite a few ways to stiffen you’re fabric ornaments: sugar, starch, glue, but my favorite method is using Epsom Salt. Bugs don’t like it and it’s not as messy as the starch or glue method.

Take a half cup of water and a half cup of epsom salt, heat it til all of the salt is dissolved. Dunk in the ornament and let it soak for a bit, take it out and lay it flat on a towel. Once it’s dry, you can string it up and hang it.

How they look when you lay them on the towel is how they will dry.

This pattern and all it’s photos are copyrighted by Becka Hons. Please do not sell my pattern or it’s photos on any platform. You can sell the finished work, but please give me credit as the designer and link back to me if someone asks for the pattern.

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