I Got The New Furls Streamline Sagittarius Crochet Hooks!

Hey, yall remember my Furls Streamline Zodiac Crochet Hook Review? Well, I saw the new zodiac hook, Sagittarius… they came out beginning of December and were sold out by the time I looked at the site. I could drool over the colors though, deep purple, swirls of mustard, and rainbow glitter. You know how I feel about purple, I couldn’t resist them. When they added Sagittarius hooks Furls also added two new sizes in the Sagittarius line 12mm and 15mm. When I tell you you they were sold out in a a snap..I’m not exaggerating. As far as I know, the new sizes never came back in stock.. Or maybe people just buy them that quickly. However, the rest of the Sagittarius line came back.. and I had a coupon. Which is how I got the new Furls Streamline Sagittarius crochet hooks!



All of the resin Streamline hooks are $24. But they do sell miss sized or mistake ones are half the price at $12.00 each. I’ve never seen them do it with a zodiac hook though. To find out more, check out my I Bought Missized Furls Crochet Hooks…On Purpose? post.


Sagittarius hooks have a deep, purple base, mustard yellow swirls, and tons of rainbow glitter throughout.

Sagittarians are the the best conversationalists in the zodiac and these hooks definitely have a lot to say! Each hook is hand-swirled and completely unique. What will yours look like?


The above is taken from the, Furlscrochet.com website.

Unboxing the Furls Streamline Sagittarius crochet hooks


Had an awesome coupon right before Christmas.. This is what I got from @furlscrochet ♐️🧶💀#witchcoreaesthetic #spookyallyear #crochetersofinstagram #sagittarius #resinhooks #unboxing #maximalism #gothicgirl

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Here’s my unboxing over on my tictok!

Like I said before, it was love at first sight. I saw them and was completely surprised that the mustard color didn’t bother me. With the mustard acting as a complimentary color.. I think it really makes the purple so much more vibrant. I can tell there’s some pearlescent powder in with the purple that just makes me happy to look at. I’m in love with the look of the Pisces Streamline hooks too because of the dark blue and pearlescent powder. Pisces hooks look like deep water where something magical could be hiding.

Reviewing the Furls Streamline Sagittarius Crochet Hooks

The Streamline Zodiac hooks are gorgeous. Each one is hand swirled and hand carved in India, according to the hook box. So, you have a beautiful piece of art in your hand as you work. It’s amazingly smooth, it glides through yarn and has a nice feel in your hand. I absolutely love that it has the size engraved on the side of the hook. The hook has a nice weight to it, but, it’s not heavy, so it’s a good middle ground.

I can’t get over how beautiful these Sagittarius hooks are. I am extremely happy to have them and use them! When I started writing this post, the Sagittarius hooks were the newest addition to the Zodiac hook line. But, Furls released the Capricorn hooks in late January 2023. The Capricorn hooks are a lovely combination of light green and gold. They definitely give me jade vibes. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for my own sign, Gemini! Which Zodiac hook is your favorite?

Oh! And, if you were wondering, the Capricorn Line does have the 12mm and 15mm hooks in it! I looks like Furls will be doing the additional sizes in the new colors. I have no clue if they will add them to the older streamline hooks as well.

They are really nice hooks that feel very comfortable in your hand. The fact that they are gorgeous to look at is a great bonus. I have been working with the Streamline Zodiac hooks for a over 6 months now and have noticed that I don’t get pain in my hands from crocheting. I will crochet for hours at a time and haven’t had any issues when using these hooks.

A word of warning

I have dropped them a few times and they’re no worse for the wear. But, it seems like a, “it fell just the wrong way,” type of thing. Like when you drop your phone face down and your heart jumps in your throat.

If I worked a stitch too tight, I would not try to force my hook through the hole with this hook. I also would not throw it into a bag or wrap in up in my project without protection (like a case). I’m very sure that it would shatter or break if flung or thrown. I am very careful with these hooks. I try my best not to put them in a situation that might get them damaged.

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