How To Make Valoween Crochet Conversation Hearts

Happy Valoween! In case you were unaware, Valoween is the combination of the Valentine’s Day aesthetic with the spooky elements and colors of Halloween. Some like to go bloody with it, but I’m not really a slasher person. One of the things I think of when it comes to Valentine’s Day are those conversation heart candies. They taste awful, but I always remember getting small packages of them or seeing a candy dish full of them in February. That got me thinking.. What if I made a Valoween version?..So, here’s How To Make Valoween Crochet Conversation Hearts!

I’ve seen anti-Valentine’s Day conversation hearts that say rude things. But I’d never seen Halloween themed ones… I love how these came out and I’m already picturing a candy dish full of these! My Valoween conversation hearts are made using my How To: Make An Easy Cute Crochet Heart pattern.


  • Mid weight yarn in Halloween colors
  • A H/5. mm hook
  • Snips
  • Yarn needle
  • Puffy paint
    • (Optional)
  • Wooden skewers
  • Hot Glue

How To Make Valoween Crochet Conversation Hearts

Step 1. Make the easy cute crochet heart pattern with an H/ hook. Make sure to use Halloween colors like green, purple, red, orange, gray, and of course black.

Note: I didn’t use black because my puff paint is black metallic and I didn’t think it would pop very well.

Step 2. Use puffy or dimensional fabric paint to write Valoween sayings. You can start with the middle letter to get the word centered. I suggest starting with small words so you can get used to writing with the paint.

Note: I only had black metallic puffy paint. But if you’re going to do dark colored yarns then I suggest getting a lighter color of puffy paint as well.

Let the hearts dry completely before you do anything with them. I thought the paint got a little flat on my first pass. (You can see the wet vs. dry paint in the two top photos.) So, I went over the words again after the first layer was dry. (The second pass is on the bottom two photos. Wet left vs. dry right.)

What to do with them

Let the hearts dry completely before you do anything with them.

Now, you can give them away as Valentine’s, or use them as table scatter just as they are. Or you can attach them to a skewer with hot glue to use in a Valoween bouquet. Add some string to hang it up around your house. Or to use them as a gift tag.

If you want to turn them into 3D hearts, then check out my Jar of Crocheted Hearts post! I’ve made it a couple of times now. And it’s always a hit!

Here’s a list of Valoween conversation heart words that I came up with. But you can write whatever you like of course.

Update: I picked up a small bottle of puffy paint in orange to use on the darker colors. The tip was not as thin as the dimensional paint one. And I definitely had a harder time fitting words on the hearts.

If you like these than you might be interested in my Valoween Conversation Heart Box pattern PDF over in my etsy shop. I absolutely love how they came out and hope you do too!

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