Even More Yarn Organizer Ideas

Even More Yarn Organizer Ideas Pin Me!

Yarn by any other name would feel just as nice. But for anyone that needs some ideas on how to store their stash, here we are again with even more yarn organizer ideas!

In case you missed the other posts I made about yarn storage here’s some more posts you might want to check out. 5 Ways To Store Your Yarn Stash and DIY Wooden Crate Storage For Yarn On A Budget.

1. Baskets

I used this method in addition to the wooden crate storage I made recently. There’s something so satisfying to me in seeing a basket filled with yarn. Its such a great yarn organizer. The method is as simple as it gets. You put your yarn in the basket in a way that make sense to you.

2. Dowels

I’ve used the first method and if you’re someone that likes to work from cakes, then this is definitely for you!

You essentially take your dowel, make a way to suspend them. (Either with cart or shelf type thing, or on the wall with a enough space for them to move.) Then cake the yarn and slide it on to a dowel much like the way most crafters store ribbon. The yarn spins as you work/pull from the cake. (It can get a bit tangled if you’re not careful.)

I’m so sorry about the picture… I don’t have this set up anymore and this was quite a few camera phones ago… I hope it gets the point across at least.

3. PVC Pipe storage

The basic idea is that you use large pvc pipes cut to the size you need and then stack them together. (I’m assuming with glue) Then, you just fill them up anyway you want. I would think you could spray paint the pipes a different color as well if you don’t like the white.

I think this method is pretty awesome and creative. I have a link to the original tutorial post right here.

4. Wire baskets

This is similar to the basket one, but the wire baskets can give a completely different look. The wired basket look has been very popular lately, so there are lots of styles and options. I would caution you to pick your wire baskets carefully. If there are a lot of pokey ends sticking out it might snag your yarn…or you.

I found an extra large birdcage at Hobby Lobby that would fit a fair amount of yarn in it.

5. Tiered Trays

There are all types of tiered trays available, and just as many sizes. These smaller ones would be a great way to store/display smaller skeins or leftover skeins. I’ve also seen larger ones that sit on the floor and would fit a normal sized skein no problem.

Did you see the way you store your yarn in this post? Or did you see something you’d like to do in the future? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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