Crochet Trinket Drawstring Bag Tutorial

crochet trinket drawstring bag tutorial

This crochet trinket drawstring bag is cute as can be for small gifts, a favorite candy, or for extra purse organization! This pattern has a slight mesh style to it, it can work with whatever yarn you have on hand. My examples are made with worsted weight (4) yarn.

If you want something a bit bigger or more lacy, simply use a larger hook size or a lighter weight yarn, like a dk (3) you’ll need to add a few more rows if it’s a larger hook though.

If you want it smaller, use a smaller hook with a couple less rows. This is a size comparison using the same pattern and yarn, but with a size 3.25 mm hook and one less row of double crochet/ chain.


The finished bag using my supplies is 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

  • Any yarn that isn’t fury or chunky
    • I’m using Big Twist Value in Soft Purple
  • The appropriate crochet hook for your yarn
    • I’m using a G/4 mm hook, which is 2 sizes smaller than what is recommended on the label because I wanted something tighter
  • Snips
  • Yarn or tapestry needle

Trinket drawstring bag crochet pattern


  • Ch = chain
  • Dc = Double crochet
  • Slst =slip stitch
  • St = stitch
  • Sc = single crochet
  • <> = total number of stitches in row

Foundation row. Make 13 single foundation stitches.

This is a stitch that allows you to make the ch and the sc row at the same time. I like it for this project because it is more secure. If you would like to learn how to make it I have a tutorial here. If not, ch 14 and make 13 scs.

This project is worked in the round, so you will not be turning, sc 2 more in the 13th st ch, make 1 sc in next 12 ch sts,

make 2 scs in the 1st ch, connect with a slst.

Round 2. Ch 1, make 13 scs, make 3 scs in this corner st, make 14 scs, make 3 scs in this corner st, make 1 sc in the last st, slst to connect the row.

Round 3. Ch 3, this counts as a dc and a * ch 1, skip 1 st, make 1 dc in the next st*, repeat to the end of the row, end on a ch 1 and slst around the starting ch 3 to connect the row. <18 dc>

This next part is the easiest because you’ll be working in chain spaces. I find it easier to weave in the tail here before continuing and make sure that the bag is right side out (pick which ever side you prefer)

Round 4. Make 2 slsts into the next ch sp so it’s in the middle (see below for pictures), Ch 4, *put 1 dc in the next ch sp, ch 1*, repeat til the end of the row, you should end on a ch, slst it to the starting ch 3. <18 dc>

This is a close up of the instruction, make 2 slsts into the next ch sp so it’s in the middle.

Rounds 5 – 11. Repeat row 4 <18 dc>

Round 12. Ch 3, make a dc in the same ch sp, ch 1, *make a dc in the next ch sp, ch 1, dc in the same sp*, repeat til you come to the end of the row, slst to the top ch of the first ch 3.

Snip the tail, tie it off, and weave it in to the project to secure it. Then weave another piece of yarn or ribbon in a color of your choice in between the double crochets of the 10 th row

That’s it! You’re bag is ready for gifting or personal use.

Some suggestions

Make sure to personalize the bag to who it’s for like: choosing a favorite color, picking a combination of colors that they would like, making it from cotton if they like the natural look better, etc.

Whether this is a gift or the wrapping for a gift, make sure you let them know you made it and that it can be reused as a little bag for a purse, a place for small collections, a dice bag, or whatever they like.

If this is for a loved one or for you, I hope you enjoyed making it and that it will be something that gets lots of use.

Let me know in the comments what you’ll use it for. Please like this post and follow my blog so you’ll never miss a post.

This pattern was created by me and can be used and tweaked for personal use, please do not sell my pattern on any platform, feel free to share this pattern. This is licensed under CC BY- NC-SA

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