The 3D Stitch Tutorial No Glasses Required

The 3D stitch tutorial

I was a bit skeptical about this stitch when I first saw it. It’s so pretty I thought it would be ridiculously complicated, but I was most definitely wrong! This single row repeat has a beautiful texture and is easy to boot.

Once you have it down, you can get lost in the stitch. It is a great choice for crocheting for relaxation, it has this wonderful zen feeling about it. It also has the advantage of being reversible, which I’m always happy about. In fact I used this stitch for my very first blanket! (There’s a picture of it at the bottom)

One thing about this stitch is that it’s a bit of a yarn eater, so make sure you have enough for your project, I used 3 cakes of Mandala yarn for a blanket.

Yarn choices

This stitch really is three dimensional, I like using a lighter weight yarn (3) because I love the way it drapes, but you could definitely use a worsted weight yarn (4) for something a little more insulating. I would strongly advise against a bulky yarn (5 or more) or anything that makes it hard to see the stitches, like eyelash or faux fur. This stitch makes it’s own texture, so you don’t need to add more.


  • Dk/light or worsted weight yarn.
    • I’m using (3) Lion brand wool-ease cake in the colorway Hades
  • An appropriate hook that on the larger side
    • Im using a J or 6mm hook
  • Yarn or tapestry needle
  • Snips


  • Chain = Ch
  • Double crochet(s) = Dc(s)
  • Back post= Bp
  • Foundation stitch = FS (optional)
  • Double Foundation stitch = DFS (optional)
  • <>= Total number of stitches in the row

3D Stitch Tutorial

This stitch is worked in multiples of 3 plus 2

You have a few options for how to start making this stitch:

  • Make a Double foundation stitch in multiples of 3, say 18, turn Ch 2, and begin the 3D stitch.(instructions start on row 2)
  • Begin with a chain of any number that is multiples of 3 plus 2 (example: (3×6=) 18 + 2 =20) the last 2 chains will be skipped as the first double crochet, and then do a double crochet in each chain.

These instructions are for a swatch.

13 single foundation stitch crochet

Foundation row. Make 18 single foundation stitches. <18>

Row 1. Ch 2 this counts as a dc, make a dc in each st. <18>

Row 2. Ch 2, turn, *skip two Dc, Dc into the the 3rd, Dc twice more into the same st, Ch 3*, repeat from *-* when you come to the last 3 do not ch 3, put a Dc into the last Dc of the previous row. It will buckle a bit this is okay. <17 Dcs>

Row 4. Ch 2, turn, *find the first Dc in the group and do 3 Bp Dcs, Ch 3*, repeat from *-*

when you come to the end, Dc in the last Dc of your previous row. <17 Dcs>

Rows 5 – 9. Repeat row 4 five times.

Row 10. Ch 2, Dc into the top of each dc, ignoring the chs. <18 dcs>

Crochet 3D stitch

Row 11: Ch1, Sc in the top of each Dc. <18>

Fasten off and weave in your ends you’re done!

These two pictures show your rows. You count both sides for your total, in this case 8 rows of 3D stitch.

If you’re looking for a cool warm gift or just a project you keep busy, this stitch will make any cloth you make feel special because it’s such a beautiful stitch!


This stitch does have it’s limitations, I wouldn’t use it for a table runner or a trivet because it would just squash the stitch. Likewise, I wouldn’t go for gloves, sweaters, bags, or anything that you don’t want large holes in.

Blankets, scarves, shawls, or cowls would be perfect for this gorgeous stitch. Despite the large holes, it does keep a good amount of heat. The light yarn gives it a wonderful lay, but it definitely has a heft to it. Speaking of which.. here’s my blanket!

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