Just Yarn Price Increase, Is It Still Worth It?

Just Yarn Price Increase Is It Still Worth It?
Just Yarn Price Increase Is It Still Worth It? Pin me!

Oh, Just Yarn Worsted, I started out loving this yarn and now I have some mixed feelings about it. Why, you might ask? As the title suggests Just Yarn had a price increase, but that’s not the only issue I have.

Let me do some quick background, if you didn’t know, Just Yarn is a line made by Premier Yarns. Premier Yarns has been around for a bit. You might recognize the name if you’ve ever been a fan of Sweet Roll yarn. I made a post about them a while ago, check out, What is the Premier Yarns Brand? if you want more information about them.

Their brand has been popping up everywhere the last few years, but the real stroke of genius was the Premier Just Yarn line that showed up in the Dollar Tree. I’m a thrifty gal, so I was extremely happy with Yarn At Dollar Tree? as the post will tell you. I quickly made my Yarn Review: Premier Just Yarn Worsted. I literally have over 40 skeins of Just Yarn because I picked up a few whenever I went to Dollar Tree, especially since they would have new colors available every season. You know I stocked up when Halloween came around and the color palette they had out was black, green, purple, and orange. I love these smaller skeins for amigurumi projects and of course stitch tutorials.

All good things… Change

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The glamor shot photo by Becka Hons

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree, chose to increase their price from $1.00 to $1.25. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but the extra quarter really adds up when you’re buying multiple things. As far as the yarn was concerned, at the $1.00 price it was .007 cents a yard. Now with the $1.25 price, it was 0.0095. per yard. That makes it the same price as Super Savers per yard. (When buying at Michael’s or at Walmart.) Go to my Red Heart Super Savers Review if you want all the break downs and updated prices.

A 25% increase is nothing to sneeze at, but there is a reason I’m doing this post on Just Yarn Price Increase instead of just updating my previous posts. Which I have been doing up til now.

an Upsell?

While I was working on a project, I decided to double checking the yardage of a Just Yarn Worsted skein. I knew that it was around 130 yards, but when I checked the yardage on one of the newer skeins…It said 104 yards.

I was upset to say the least, but just in case it was a fluke, or an old skein, that I put back wrong, I went to my local Dollar Tree, and checked the skein at the store, it also said 104 yards.

That a 27 yard decrease and the price per yard goes to .0114 for the Just Yarn Worsted. Now does that make it a ridiculous price? No, but to my mind it was rather sneaky to drop the yardage and raise the price around the same time.

Another motive for Just Yarn Price Increase?

Just Yarn Price Increase
My drawer of Just Yarn

Around late January of this year (2022), I emailed Premier Yarns to ask them if they were going to change the price of the Just Yarn on their site, along with Dollar Tree. They said yes, they would side with their customer (Dollar Tree). I also asked if they would start selling the full line of colors on their website since there were some I favored. (The purples and dark green in particular.) The representative essentially told me I should look at their Premier Basix line or Ever Soft. I’ve used both before, in fact, Ever Soft was what I made my 5th Day Of Halloween: Spooky Crochet Striped Scarf Pattern with.

I quite like the Premier Basix Worsted yarn, but I always thought it was a bit expensive and it never seems to go on sale… Or at least I’ve never caught it on sale. I’m speaking of the worsted weight one because the chunky and DK ones do go on sale, and are $2.99 each in contrast to the worsted being $3.79.

It had been a while since I checked out the Premier Basix Worsted yarn. So, I followed the link to see if they had added colors. They had. What’s more, some of them looked very familiar. After looking at the colors and comparing them to some of my skeins of Just Yarn Worsted, I was pretty convinced that it was the same line. I have a skein of Premier Basix left over from an old project. When I compared the feel, it was identical. Obviously this is my opinion, so I emailed the person back asking if they were indeed the same yarn. That was in early February of 2022, we are in May and I still haven’t gotten anything back. The colors I compared even have the same names, so I’d wager I’m probably right.

As Of Now

I did the math again just to make sure. At $3.79 a skein and 359 yards (for the solid yarn) Premier Basix Worsted is 0.0105 a yard.

At $1.25 a skein and 104 yards the Premier Just Yarn Worsted is 0.0120 per yard.

This is in addition to Premier taking all of the Just Yarn line off their website. (Which they only did recently, because I’ve been checking every few weeks to see if the price changed.) I’m fairly sure Premier changed the yardage to keep the price closer to the Premier Basix Worsted line. Because I believe it’s the same yarn.

Conclusion of Just Yarn Price Increase

Just Yarn Price Increase
Just Yarn and Just Cotton on a shelf in the Dollar Tree

To be honest, this post is more of a buyer beware than anything else. If you liked the Just Yarn Worsted, then you might want to consider switching to the Premeir Basix Worsted since it’s a bit cheaper. Whether you blame shipping, inflation, or a poor economy, the prices of yarn do seem to be changing in increments. I wrote my Red Heart Super Saver post in February 2021 and the prices are higher now than they were then. I’ve noticed the same with lots of brands across the board.

Is the Just Yarn Worsted at Dollar Tree still worth it? No, in my opinion, it is not. However, if you see a color you only need a bit of and they have it in stock… Then it might be worth it to you.

I might stock up on the colors I like in Premier Basix next time I do a yarn haul. Since it’s only a bit more expensive and higher quality then Super Savers. I say that because Basix is softer, a bit thicker, more springy, and I can’t snap it with my hands.

Update!! Right now the Premier Yarn website doesn’t have the small skeins. They just released (May 12, 2023) Just Yarn Value skeins that are 875 yards and at the time of me posting this $6.99 per skein. That makes the price .007 cents per yard.

What do you think? Is Just Yarn Worsted still worth it? Do you prefer a different yarn? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

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