Yarn Review: Premier Just Yarn Worsted

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I was so excited when I started finding yarn at my local dollar tree (Yarn At Dollar Tree?), even better was that I’m a big fan of the brand Premier yarns. Now, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that it’s good yarn so, as soon as I go it home I started putting Premier Just Yarn worsted through it’s paces.

I’ve been using Just Yarn Worsted for a few months now. I have used it for everything from stitch tutorials, to amigrurmi projects, and I’m ready to do a review. So, let’s get to it!



The Dollar Tree is changing some items to be priced at $1.25, but I don’t know if they will change the price on this yarn or not.

So far, this yarn is only available at The Dollar Tree and on the Premier Yarn site. Both places have the price as $1.00 that makes it works up to .007 cents a yard.

Update: It’s currently still $1.00 on Premiers website, so far. When I sent them an email about the price change from Dollar Tree they said they would change with the Dollar Trees prices.

So far, my Dollar Trees have changed over to $1.25 a skein. The Premier Yarns site hasn’t. At the $1.25 that makes the price per yard 0.0095. Rounded up that would be about .01 cent a yard.

Update! This yarn and all the yarn in the Just Yarn line is now $1.25 at the Dollar Tree and it is no longer on the Premier Yarns website.

Update!! Right now the Premier Yarn website doesn’t have the small skeins. They just released (May 12, 2023) Just Yarn Value skeins that are 875 yards and at the time of me posting this $6.99 per skein. That makes the price .007 cents per yard. Here’s a link: https://www.premieryarns.com/products/jyworstval?variant=40386461663314

Details Of Premier Just Yarn

Premier Just Yarn Worsted detail shot by Becka Hons

This is the specs and description from the Premier Yarns website:

  • 100% Acrylic
  • 60g / 2.11oz, 120m / 131yds
    • I have more recent skeins that say 109 yards! Read up date in conclusion!
  • #4 Medium Weight
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry 
  • Crochet gauge: 12 sc x 15 rows = 4″ // US Size I-9 (5.5 mm)
  • Knit gauge: 18 sts x 24 rows = 4″ // US Size 8 (5 mm)

These mini skeins of Premier® Just Yarn™ are perfect for crafters, makers, knitters, and crocheters! Each 50 g ball is made from 100% acrylic and is “just” enough for any maker project.  Add a pop of color. Stitch fun stripes. Craft with the kids. Just add imagination! Worsted weight and easy care make this yarn ideal for any skill level or budget.

Here’s a link to the product page on Premier Yarn: https://www.premieryarns.com/products/justyarnw?variant=39545964691538

My Experience

Just Yarn in use black and white shot by Becka Hons (from my Instagram)

I’ve been using this yarn for just about everything ever since I found it. If you’ve seen my posts over the last few months, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Just Yarn Worsted is usually in my supply list. I have found that I really enjoy using it since it is extremely soft, washer and dryer safe, and slightly thicker than most worsted weight yarns.

I love it for amigurumi since it is a bit thicker there are no gaps when I use a G/4mm hook. I have had no issues with snagging when I’ve had to frog something since there is very little “halo” and It has excellent stitch definition. I have noticed that if you crochet something really tightly and then frog it or stretch the yarn thread tight that it loses that thickness, but really any yarn would, so it’s just something to be aware of. if you stretch it out you will notice a slight difference in thickness when you get to a bit that you didn’t stretch.

It washes and drys just fine, no change in color or shrinkage that I’ve been able to notice.


I would say it has a similar softness to I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby or Big Twist from Joann’s, it is most definitely softer than Red heart Super Savers. I compare it to those three since they are around the same price point per yard.


Honestly the only down side is that it doesn’t come in larger skein… but that’s kinda the point of it at the same time. I really have nothing bad to say about it.

If I have one small critic, it’s that finding the same color twice can be a bit difficult. The Dollar Trees near me never seem to have the same colors more than once and the Premier site doesn’t carry all the colors that I have found at a store. So, if you see one you really like, buy it while you can… you may not see it again.


The glamor shot photo by Becka Hons

I have filled bags with this yarn almost every time I go to the dollar tree. So, if you see it and you like the color they have in stock, buy what you want of it. I haven’t made a big project with it yet, but I definitely plan to. I think if you’re a fan of color changes and/or stripes then you’ll enjoy having a chance to create your own color pallet with theses fibrous gems. I highly recommend them for anyone who makes small projects, does amigurumi, needs yarn for crafting, or is into using yarn for house decor. Just remember to stock up if you need a specific color unless you see it on the Premier site.

Update: Since Dollar Tree raised their prices I thought I would update my opinion. I believe that this yarn is still priced reasonably. However it is no longer the cheapest option. Red Heart Super Savers (review) or Big Twist (review) would be the same price per yard regularly and cheaper if either of them were on sale. I very much appreciate the quality and softness of the Premier Just Worsted, so I think it is still worth it. However I will be buying less of it since the price has increased by 25%.

Some things have come to my attention about Just Yarn Worsted and I deciced to make a new post about it. Just Yarn Price Increase, Is It Still Worth It?

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