I Love This Yarn Brand Review

Buying yarn is almost a hobby all by itself. Most of us have a stash that is full of yarn we can’t wait to work with. One that I’ve been using is the Hobby Lobby brand I Love This Yarn. It has a large selection of colors, types, and weights that are sure to entice you into taking them home…but should you?

Let’s find out!

About the Yarn

This is the description according to the Hobby Lobby site for I Love this Yarn:

Knit it your way! Take your knitting and crochet skills to a new level of soft with I Love This Yarn. Featuring a gorgeous color, this yarn is perfect for hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters, afghans, and more. Stay creative and stay warm!

Hobby Lobby Website on I Love This Yarn

These are the details of the yarn brand from Hobby Lobby:

Contents: 100% Acrylic

Yarn Weight: 4 – Medium

Recommended Knitting Needles: 5mm (USA Size: 8 – UK Size: 6)

Knit Gauge: 18 Stitches x 23 Rows = 4″

Recommended Crochet Hook: 5.5mm (USA Size: I-9 – UK Size: 5)

Crochet Gauge: 12 Single Crochet x 15 Rows = 4″

Skein Weight: 7 Ounces

Skein Yardage: 355 Yards

Care Instructions: 

  • Machine Wash, Warm
  • Machine Dry
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Dry Cleanable, Any Solvent

*We are aware of the importance of dye lots and make every effort to pull the same dye lot on orders for multiple skeins of yarn.

*this is stated on the Hobby Lobby website for this yarn brand.


$4.99 USD

Without any kind of sale that makes it the price around .01 (.014) cent a yard.

Hobby Lobby frequently does 30% off sales, which would make it $3.49. They always have a 40% off any regular priced item, that brings it down to $2.99.

Hobby Lobby does put their yarn on clearance from time to time and can make yarn that was $6.99 to $2.27. So, be sure to check the clearance aisle and the yarn section because sometimes they have so much on sale they leave it where it is.

Yarn Specs

This yarn comes in 64 colors, is 100% acrylic, and is a worsted weight yarn (4).

This is definitely a soft yarn that feels great as a finished product and is extremely easy on your hands while working with it.

The brand recently increased it’s yardage on the solid colors. At 355 yards, it has a wonderful amount of yarn in each skein, which depending on your project and stitch can get you pretty far.

It washes well and doesn’t have whole lot of special care instructions. This yarn is machine washable on warm and can be put in the dryer. However it is not iron safe…although I’ve never heard of anyone using an iron on a crocheted item.

Variations within the brand

This yarn has quite a few variations under the name I Love This Yarn. So, below is a list of all the variations that I have found on their website with the number of color variations.

Be aware that the yardage of the skein varies with each variation.

I Love This Cotton: $3.79, 100% cotton, there are 71 colors including ombre, variegated, and sparkle yarns.

I Love This Wool: $5.99, 100% wool, there are 6 colors, a couple of them are tweeds.

I Love This Chunky Yarn: $4.99, 100% acrylic, there are 36 colors, including variegated colors.

Gradient I Love This Yarn: $4.99, 100% acrylic, there are 8 colors.

Ombre I Love This Yarn: $4.99, 100% acrylic, there are 5 colors.

Tweed I Love This Yarn: $4.99, 100% acrylic, there are 3 colors.

Sport I Love This Yarn: $2.29, 100% acrylic, there are 16 colors.

Sparkle Metallic I Love This Yarn: $4.99, 100% acrylic, there are 15 colors.

Bloomtique I Love This Yarn: $4.99, 100% acrylic, there are 89 colors.

Stonewash I Love This Yarn: $4.99, 100% acrylic, there are 9 colors.


The price range of I Love This Yarn brand (ILTY) would put it a bit more expensive than Red Heart Super Saver (Super Saver), Crafter’s Secret (Crafter), and Big Twist Value yarn (BTV).

The ILTY brand is the softest of the 3 yarns in my opinion. Both BTV and ILTY doesn’t have the scratchiness that Super Saver is known for and is much easier on the hands.

Price and yardage wise here’s the comparison of the 3 brands.

  • Super Saver: $3.69
  • 7 oz (198g) 364 yards (333 m)

  • I Love This Yarn: $4.99
  • 7 oz 355 yards (324)


The I Love This Yarn brand is one of the most expensive of the cheaper yarns. However it also appears to be a slightly higher quality.

What’s The Verdict

I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who likes soft yarn that comes in lots of colors and has practically no special washing instructions. It is tiny bit more expensive than the other yarns I mentioned, but I personally think it’s worth it especially when Hobby Lobby runs 30% off all yarn sales.

Haven’t tried all the variations of the I Love This Yarn brand yet, but I’m definitely going to. What about you? Have you tried this brand? Or does this review make you want to? Let me know in the comments!

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