Yarn Review: Lion Brand Hometown

Lion Brand Yarn’s Hometown (formerly Hometown USA), is an acrylic based, super bulky weight yarn that is wonderfully soft. This yarn has a lovely sheen to it that makes me think of a satin finish, it also has a prominent “halo” of fiber and is machine washable and dry-able. So, Hometown yarn review, let’s get into it!

This yarn comes in a wide range of over 40 colorways! The mix of solids, tweeds, and multi-colored yarns are all colors inspired by towns and cities in the USA. The colors can be based on anything from sports teams, like the Razorbacks, in red and white, or what a place is known for, like Napa Valley Pinot, a rich burgundy color.

Hometown yarn has no dye lot number, which means that they are done in very large batches that make it easy to get the same color. I would definitely suggest buying all that you need for your project at once, since you have no idea what dye lot you’re working with.

I’ve seen some confusion about where the yarn is made. I have confirmed that it is made in Turkey. More on that in the “my experience” section.


The price seems to vary based on where you buy it.

On the Lion Brand (LB) website the price is: $5.29 USD

Joann’s : $4.99 USD

Michael’s: $5.39 USD

Walmart: $2.97 USD

So, after a little math the $5.29 for a skein is about .07 cents a yard if you buy solids and .08 cents a yard for the patterned yarn.

$4.99 = .06 cents for solids, .08 cents for patterned.

$5.39 = .07 cents for solids, .08 cents for patterned.

$2.97 = .04 cents for solids and patterned.

Of course you can always use coupons or catch them on sales at the big box craft stores which would make them cheaper.

If you want to check the price on a skein for yourself, divide the price by the yardage.

Ie. $4.99 ÷ 81 = 0.0616049383 that means .06 cents.

If the number next to the 6 is 5 or higher, then it’s rounded up, if it’s 4 or under it stays the same.

Details of the Hometown Yarn

According to the Lion Brand site:

Hometown comes in a wide range of bright, primary colors, versatile multi-colors, and textural tweeds, perfect for school and sports team projects and so much more. This easy-care yarn is machine washable and dry-able, and works up quickly for fast knit and crochet projects.

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hometown yarn review yarn label

Yarn Weight

6 Super Bulky

Crochet Gauge (4in x 4in)

6.6 sc x 8 r on N-13 (9mm)

Knit Gauge (4in x 4in)

9 sts x 12 r on #13 (9 mm)

Length (yd)

81 (64 in prints)

Length (m)

74 (59 in prints)

Weight (oz)

5 (4 in prints)

Weight (g)

142 (113 in prints)



Fiber Detail

Solids, Multis, Neons and Twists: 100% Acrylic
Tweeds: 94% Acrylic, 6% Rayon


Machine Wash, Machine Dry

Care Detail

Machine wash. Initial water temperature should not exceed 40°C or 105°F. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting.

This concludes the description from the Lion Brand Yarns site

My Experience

I noticed how thick and soft right the Hometown yarn was right off the bat. When working with this yarn I like that the plys don’t separate easily. Another big plus for me, is that Hometown yarn can be washed and dried via machine. I don’t have to worry about water or dryer temperature…some of the thicker yarns can’t go in the dryer at all, so this is definitely a possitive.

I deiced to pick up a couple skeins because I prefer the feel of Hometown over the Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn. To me Thick and Quick has a scratchy quality about it, most likely because as the name suggests, it has wool in it. Because my project was a gift, I didn’t want to give them a laundry list of special care instructions. So, the soft acrylic won out.

a few questions…

As I did research for the Hometown yarn review, I became curious about 2 things: Why the name changed from Hometown USA to Hometown? And, Where is Hometown made? My packages all said Turkey, but most descriptions on the websites I went to, like Joann’s said, ‘Made in the USA’.

As luck would have it, it turns out, those questions are actually connected! I emailed Lion Brand, to asked them about Hometown yarn specifically. (They are very nice and professional, if you ever have an issue or a question I urge you to contact them.) The representative told me that the yarn used to be made in the USA, however when they changed production to Turkey they changed the name.

I also asked about how they made color choices for the line. To me that was one of the most interesting thing about the yarn. They use fashion and home decor trend forecasts to help them select the colors for each location/hometown. The main goal for this yarn, is to have a color palette that works for just about any project, from decor to garments.

In my opinion, the colors in this line are beautiful and I could definitely see anyone finding a color way they like in it.


I didn’t really find anything wrong with the yarn. However, if you are someone who frogs a lot, (tears out their work ) then you might become frustrated with Hometown since it has a “halo” of fiber/fuzz to it. This is really a matter of personal preference. I had to tare out a few rows and as long as I did so slowly, I didn’t get stuck.


Bottom line. If you want a super bulky weight yarn that has a wide range of colors and easy care instructions. Then this yarn is for you.

I enjoyed working with it and when I find myself making a project that uses super bulky weight yarn, I will definitely think of this one first.

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