Yarn Review: I Bought A Lion Brand Yarn Mystery Box!

I Bought A Lion Brand

Mystery Yarn Box

If you’ve ever seen my book reviews you know I like a good mystery. So when I saw the lion brand mystery yarn box I was pretty excited! Yarn and mystery, all I need is a cup of tea and I’m set!

I just purchased it as I’m writing this now, So the only thing I know about it is what’s on the description and the yarn weight, which is:

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?! Especially one that includes yarns you love. Choose from an Off The Hook option or your favorite CYC weight and get a box stuffed with 9 skeins! *Please note yarn will be selected at random. Purchasing more than one of the same box may result in duplicate yarns.


The updates

Update: The mystery boxes on Lion Brand are no longer available, there’s not even a listing for it anymore it literally went *poof* if I see them again I’ll update this post again

Update: There are 2 mystery boxs  available right now!  One that’s weight 4 & 5, and one thats weight 5 & 6 both are $19.99 USD.  Click here to go to the link.

Update: Lion Brand has changed their description!

We love a good mystery! Especially one that includes yarns. Each Mystery Box is filled with 7 skeins (you will receive an assortment of 3 different yarns). Included yarns are hypoallergenic so everyone can enjoy!


The mystery box I got…

The box has 4 options, My Secret Admirer: Loop Yarns, Mystery Box CYC 6, Magical Mystery Box CYC 5, and Shh It’s A Secret CYC 4.

The numbers equal the yarn weight, or in the loop yarns case, a yarn type. Just based on the name can you guess which one I picked? That’s right, the Magical Mystery Box CYC 5.

When I first saw the mystery yarn box, I knew I had to get it since it’s an introductory item! Lion Brand is having a 40% off introductory sale right now, so it really is the best time to grab it. (the normal price is $58.41)

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know if I’d want to spend the normal price on yarn, when I would have no clue what color it was or if I would like it. What if I get pink yarn? (shudder)*

*If you like pink that’s fine, but I’m a Black, Grey, Purple, Teal, or Blue kind of gal.

Did I mention the discount?

However, because I found it in the clearance section of the Lion Brand site, just couldn’t resist! (I’m a sucker for a sale what can I tell you..) The price is currently $24.99 for the CYC 5 box, but wait, it gets better, I had a 35% off coupon!

After standard shipping ($6.50 ouch!) the total was $22.27. For 9 skeins of weight 5 yarn? Heck yeah! Now, because I just bought it I’m going to have to wait to see what happens…. But through the magic of blogging you will find out what happens (and if it’s pink….or what if it’s white..or yellow? ugh too late now!) in the next section.

The Mystery Yarn Box is here!

Oh, I’m nervous, that’s the box! It’s a bit smaller than I imagined. It’s also a bit more damaged than I imagined, but that’s FedEx for you, I hope the yarn is okay. This yarn mystery box took 4 days to get here, that’s not bad as far as standard shipping goes. The second picture shows the wonky damaged box a bit better. I think it was packaged in Halloween town.. Nightmare Before Christmas reference. Just kidding, I really like the mystery box tape, I think that’s a nice on brand touch.

Slide the picture from one side to the other to see the different angles.

I made a little video to go along with this post, so y’all can see it open the same time I do. Now I can see why some people do mystery boxes and unboxings frequently, It’s exciting! I’m still really hoping that there’s no pink in here… Drum roll please!

What Yarn did I Get?

What I got in the Magical Mystery Yarn Box

Wow, that is a bit of a mix isn’t it? I was surprised to be getting a mix of 3 of each yarn, I thought that it was going to 9 of one type. However, I’m actually really excited about working with 2 of these yarns, as I haven’t used them yet. I really like that there’s enough of each yarn to make a larger project. Let’s take a closer look at each yarn and see if it was worth the price.

Twisted Cotton Blend

myster yarn #1

Let’s get it out of the way, I’m probably the least happy with the Twisted Cotton Blend. I have used this yarn before and it’s a lovely cotton blend with a very tight twist. I love cotton yarn in general and this one is definitely soft enough to make a wearable as it is 69% cotton and 31% acrylic.

It didn’t quite look like a 5 to me at first, when I swatched a bit of it with a K/6.5mm hook, it definitely was. This yarn has a steady vary in thickness that would lend itself to home decor or garments. It is machine washable and dryable, which I always appreciate.

But the color way… Well, it’s not quite pink is it? The yarn label says the colorway is coral and ecru. It’s definitely a more of a coral since it’s a bit more orange than pink.

As a yarn, I’m happy with it, but whatever I make with it is probably going to my friend, who does like those pinky colors lol.

On the Lion Brand site this yarn is $5.99 each and you get 98 yards (90 meters).

Homespun Stripes

Mystery Yarn #2

Now for the Homespun Stripes. This yarn is 98% acrylic ad 2% other fiber, a mystery within a mystery you could say. This colorway is called, Mango Chutney, I’m not sure I understand why… To me it’s more reminiscent of a hazelnut coffee, but I don’t name the yarn. This a twisted type of roving yarn, it is most definitely a bulky 5 weight yarn, and it is machine washable and dryable.

The feel is so much softer than it looks, I think this would make a lovely scarf or cowl. It isn’t scratchy in the least and I could see myself wanting this close to my skin.

On the Lion Brand site this yarn is $7.99 each and you get 185 yards (169 meters)

Rewind Tape Yarn

Mystery Yarn #3

This is the one I’m most excited about! I’ve wanted to try the Rewind yarn for a while now. I actually love the colorway, Valerian, I would have most definitely picked this color for myself.

It’s made of 70% polyester and 30% viscose and, as the name implies, is shaped like a strip of tape. The Rewind yarn is ridiculously soft, and machine washable on cold, but not machine dryable (lay flat to dry). I could easily see making bags, hats, shawls, or cardies with this yarn, but definitely with a open work vibe to it since it tends to squish down.

On the Lion Brand site this yarn is $5.99 each and you get 219 yards (200 meters).

Is it worth it?

On the normal price ($58.41), it really would depend on your preference. When I tallied up all the yarns at normal price according to the Lion Brand site, the total was $59.91 USD.

So, by buying the mystery box you’re getting around the same value of yarn, to a bit more than the value of yarn, in the mystery box. If you love all yarns, aren’t picky about colorways, and adore surprises. Than this is the box for you!

If you’re a bit more picky about your yarn, like me, I think I would be a bit disappointed with paying that much if I didn’t like the color or feel of the yarn. Although, the experience of it being a mystery would most likely be just as exciting.

My Experience

As far as the price I got it at, ($22.27) oh yeah! I’m happy with all the yarns I received and the experience of it being a mystery was enjoyable.

I do, however, have one critic over all for this box, and that would be that it kinda felt like someone grabbed 3 packages of yarn and threw them in a box with my invoice…

When I saw the mystery box tape on top, I thought it would be more special on the inside too. If it came with free shipping, there was tissue paper to hide the yarn at first, maybe even a Lion Brand mystery yarn box sticker, I think it would feel a bit more special. At full price especially, it would make it seem like you got something that you wouldn’t have, just picking 9 skeins of yarn and having it sent to you.

That’s about it for me, it you want to see some more yarn reveiws than try one of these:

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