Audio Book Review: Wolf Speaker By Tamora Pierce Book 2

Looking for an immersive fantasy world to lose yourself in in while you stitch? Then Tamora Pierce’s Wolf Speaker is a great option for you! If you need more convincing then let’s get into the audio book review.


This audio book is definitely considered fantasy and is placed in time period similar to our middle ages. If we had magic and immortal being running around back then.

Book Summary

Wolf Speaker by Tamora Pierce is a book based in the fictional land of Tortall, during the reign of King Jonathan III and Queen Thayet.

This is the second book in The Immortals Series (the first one is Book Review: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce) which follows Varalidaine Sarrasi, known as Daine, a now 14 year old girl who is still learning how to use her rare wild magic. Along with her mentor, the master mage Numair Salmalin.

Daine and Numair are called on by the Long Lake wolf pack. This is the same pack Daine ran with after the death of her family in Snowsdale. At the same time, King Jonathan asks them to do a reconnaissance mission to the fief of Dunlath. They must discover the fate of a rider group who went missing in that area. With Daine’s pony, Cloud, and her young charge, the dragon Skysong, in tow, the group a must speak to the humans that are spoiling the land in Dunlath.

Trouble in Dunlath

Daine could always speak to animals mind to mind, but now she has become proficient in healing them as well. In this book the Badger Gods urges her to learn how to see through their eyes and use their senses.

Daine seems to have much more to learn about her abilities. But she is especially surprised to find that, in addition to her new skills…There is an even more unbelievable one that very well may be what saves them all!

It doesn’t take very long for Daine, and her friends, to find that there is nefarious plot against the king and queen with an old enemy behind it.

The more they learn of this plot the more the group realizes that this isn’t just treason…. If the plan is successful, it will destroy the land and animals for years to come and cripple Tortall.


The narration is done by Tamora Peirce the author, however the voices are done by the full cast audio family.

Full cast audio is a wonderful cast of voice actors that make the characters come to life. Very often you don’t have to be told who is speaking because each voice is specific to the character. When I say actors, I mean actor. If a character is feeling or says something a certain way, it is conveyed through their voice. This is just the kind of audio book I love to review.

At first, Tamora’s voice as narrator can seem a bit dull. However, as the other characters join in it suddenly feels like you couldn’t listen to it any other way.

This is the link for the full cast audio website to learn more:

My review

This book is considered a middle grade book, but I would say anyone, at any age, could enjoy it. There are a few situations in this sequel that I would say are for more mature audiences. (An affair, suicide, and loss of limb)

Daine is getting a bit older in this book and it definitely shows. She is more mature from experience and from being a mother to Skysong. Daine demonstrates a strong character by doing what she promised her wolf friends, even when it was decidedly uncomfortable. She also shows that her sense of loyalty has only become stronger, by standing by her friends even at the risk of her life.

On the same token, you see that she has more to learn. Not just about her magic, but in how she judges others based on their appearance, profession, or age. Even though she is becoming more experienced, she’s still young and the pressures of her situation overwhelms her in spots.

There are many new characters in this book that are amazing to learn about. Including some new immortals that are both fascinating and terrifying. You get to really meet Skysong, called Kitten, and even though you can’t understand her whistles and trills. She has a vibrant personality that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Once again, the way the animals communicate with Daine make it abundantly clear that this was written by someone that loves and understands animals.


I highly recommend that you read or listen to the first book, Book Review: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce, in order to understand the characters and their development better in this one.

Bottom line, it’s a wonderful story, told by a talented cast of voice actors, and I highly recommend this audio book to anyone who enjoys a fantasy world with in depth characters.

Where to get it

The audio book on Audible: Wolf Speaker

The book on Amazon: Wolf Speaker

The first time I read it, I got it from my local library. I would suggest looking there if you want to read it for free before you buy.

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