Learn How To Crochet A Starting Knot

Photo by Becka Hons

In this post I’m literally going to teach you how to crochet a starting knot. I’m going to show you the easiest way to crochet a a starting knot that I’ve ever seen.

Something I’ve heard quite bit when I bring my crochet out in public, In the laundry mat, the park, wherever, is: “are you crocheting? I use to do that! I just don’t remember how to start it.”

This is something I can actually relate to, my grandmother taught me at a very young age. She use to make a starting knot for me, because I couldn’t remember how to.

Even as I got older, if there was a long period of time between projects, I would have to dig out a book on it to remember how to crochet a starting knot. (the internet was not what it is now)

After years of forgetting, I actually have a method that I now use that is MUCH simpler than anything I found in a book or, later on, in a video. What is this stupid simple method? Grab your hook and yarn, let’s do it now.

The simple starting Knot (or Slip knot)

Grab any yarn and hook you want.

Chain 1, pull the tail tight.

That’s it, just crochet away!

I have seen at least 5 ways on how to crochet a starting knot, but this is definitely the simplest. I actually used to hide the fact that I started this way, because I was afraid that someone who actually remembered how to make it “right” would yell at me for “doing it wrong”.

Because of how long I’ve been crocheting, I have a few things that I’ve not seen may others do. I always thought that was because I was being to simplistic, but now I think it’s because they haven’t seen it that way yet. I love to see how others do things, so I’m going to start sharing my personal tips with you.

Have you ever done a starting knot this way? How do you do it? Let me know in the comments below.

Now that you have your starting knot, how about some easy projects to make?

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