The Crochet Basics: How To Make A Single Crochet Stitch

how to make a single crochet for beginners

Whether you’re brushing up or brand new to crochet, the single crochet stitch is one of the basic stitches and it’s a great one to know. It’s crazy how much you can do using just this stitch. In my opinion, it’s a little underrated because it is the one that most people learn first. Anything from blankets to headbands can be made with this stitch. Using a larger yarn bulky weight 5 and up, can be very beneficial to start with so you can see all the parts of the stitch and get to know it better.

I’ve seen some beautiful work done with the single crochet stitch in thick yarns like t shirt yarns and cotton cord that made the stitches really pop out and create substantial baskets, bags, and home decor so don’t be afraid to experiment with it once you have the hang of the stitch.

some things to know

anatomy of a stitch

The anatomy of a stitch is pretty straight froward. You have the top of the stitch, which looks like a V, it’s broken up into back loop, and front loop. Unless it’s specified by the pattern you’re using, you always go under both loops of the V. Then you have the post, this is the body of the stitch. It’s much easier to see on the larger stitches like the double crochet, but these posts are what give the stitch it’s height. There are some intermediate to advanced stitches that work around the posts to give the fabric more dimension and shape, but today you’re only working into the top of the stitch.

If you’re new to crochet, I would suggest becoming familiar with crochet terms, this post is quite helpful for that: A Glossary of Crochet Terms. I am assuming in this post that you already know how to chain, if you need a tutorial on that, go here: If you need to know how to make a starting knot go here: If you’re working on a project in the round, using a magic circle, go here:


  • yarn
    • I’m using Premier Just Yarn worsted yarn in Arctic
  • appropriate hook
    • I used a H/5mm hook
  • snips,
  • yarn or tapestry needle


These instructions are using US crochet terms.

  • Ch = Chain
  • st = Stitch
  • sc = Single crochet
  • <> = total number of stitches in row

Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

There are no special multiples for this stitch.

Ch 15.

single crochet row 1

Row 1. Put your hook into the second ch from the hook, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops on your hook, *put your hook into the next ch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops on your hook, *

single crochet tutorial row 1 continued

Row 1. (continued) repeat from *-*, this is 1 sc. <14>

row 2 single crochet tutorial beginner crochet

Row 2. Ch 1, turn, work 1 sc into the same st, put 1 sc in each st. <14>

This is how my instructions normally read. Here’s how to do a single crochet stitch again:

Put your hook into the st, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops on your hook,

rows 3-6. how to make single crochet

Row 3 – 6. Repeat row 2, make sure you have 14 scs in each row.

Tip: It’s probably going to be twisty, that’s completely normal. It doesn’t always like laying flat, that’s what blocking is for.

Weaving in the ends

how to tie off single crochet

Snip the tail and tie it off.

how to secure ends when weaving them in single crochet

Weave in both tails using the yarn needle, make sure you go back and forth through the stitches to secure it.

What to do with your Single Crochet swatch!

That’s it. I know this size of a swatch might seem a bit weird, but there was a purpose to that. You have just completed a little crochet bookmark!

Crochet Bookmark in use

Don’t worry if it’s a little wonky, you’re learning, so be nice to yourself. When I first started, I remember making a scarf for one of my dolls and it was awful! The holes were different sizes (that’s because of uneven tension on your yarn), it wouldn’t stop curling (it just does that sometimes), and I’m fairly sure I missed some stitches.. Because the last row was definitely shorter than the first.

But, when I put it on my doll, it was a porcelain doll dressed in a pink gowned that looked like it was from the early 1900’s, I couldn’t have been prouder of having made something with my chubby little hands. With practice, you will get better. Trust me, if I can do it you can do it.

Note: If your hands hurt after crocheting, that’s completely normal. You’re using muscles that you probably didn’t know you had. You will get use to it after a bit. If you go a long time without crocheting, it can hurt a bit too, however the muscle memory will come back.

Want some more stuff to make? Try these stitches and patterns!

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