5 Basic Crochet Stitches You Should Know

5 Basic Crochet Stitches You Should Know! Pin Me!

In the world of crochet, there are thousands of stitches, with more being created all the time. But, there are five that are the building blocks of all the others. As such, I’ve done tutorials on all of them in a series called the Crochet Basics. So, here’s the round up of the 5 basic crochet stitches you should know.

1. The Chain & Slip Stitch

A swatch of slip stitch fabric.

The absolute first thing that every crocheter has to know, other then Learn How To Crochet A Starting Knot, is a chain. The reason I put slip stitch along with it is because it is essentially the same thing. The main difference is that a chain is worked on its own, and a slip stitch is worked in another stitch. For more information on it just pop into this tutorial: The Crochet Basics: How To Make The Chain Stitch And The Slip Stitch

2. The Single Crochet

A simple swatch of single crochet that is also a bookmark.

The single crochet has an infinite number of uses. It is the base of many stitches and is used in a huge variety of combination stitches. It’s a great place to start when you are first learning crochet, and some stick to using it in their work almost exclusively. It is most commonly used in amigurumi projects like this one: 2nd Day Of Halloween: Crochet Apple Pattern. If your interest is peaked, check out the tutorial here: The Crochet Basics: How To Make A Single Crochet Stitch

3. The Half Double Crochet

The half double crochet swatch

This is probably my favorite of the basic stitches. The half double crochet has a simple elegance about it. And since it’s slightly taller than the single crochet, it works up a bit faster. This tutorial swatch gives you a pattern that is the perfect size for a coaster. I also show you how to add a fringe if you wish. If you’re interested then you should go here: The Crochet Basics: How To Make A Half Double Crochet

4. The Double Crochet

The double crochet swatch.

The double crochet works up quick as a flash compared to the single crochet and even the half double. It is twice the size of the single crochet as the name might imply and gives a lovely braided look. This particular tutorial pattern gives you a swatch that happens to be the perfect size for a bowl or mug trivet. What a coincidence.. if you want to take a look then go here: The Crochet Basics: How To Make A Double Crochet

5. The Treble Crochet

The treble crochet swatch.

Working up faster than a speeding bullet crochet hook is the longest of these stitches. The treble crochet, or triple crochet, is three times the size of the single crochet, and you’ll feel like you’re flying through your project once you get this stitch down. It is probably the least used or the stitch in combination stitches and in general. However, it is quite beautiful as well. If you’re fond of the braided look of the double crochet, then the treble has it in spades. Take a look for yourself: The Crochet Basics: How To Do A Treble Crochet

There you go, as promised 5 crochet stitches you should know. If you’ve already master these than you might want something more complicated like How To Make The Jasmine Stitch or How To Make The Waffle Stitch. If you want some more practice with the stitches you know and love than maybe…How To Make The Spider Stitch, The Single Crochet Cross Stitch, The Classic Granny Square Tutorial, How to Crochet The Elizabeth Stitch, and How To Make The Lemon Peel Stitch are all awesome stitches that are definitely worth knowing. Try one, try them all, I find that crochet stitches are a bit like chips.. you can’t stop at one.

I think that’s about it for this one, stay stitching!

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