Audiobook Review: Stockings And Spells

I think it’s time for another audiobook review! So, let’s do Stockings and Spells. This is the 4th book in the Vampire Knitting Club series and the first Christmas season book so far. Stockings and Spells has some beautiful Christmas imagery and quite a few twists and turns. If you’re looking for a short-ish story that you won’t want to stop listening to to, or reading. Then this one might very well be for you.

Bare in mind that this is the 4th books review. You may get some spoilers for previous books if you read this review.


This book is a paranormal cozy mystery.

The Vampire Knitting Club series as a whole would be considered paranormal cozy mystery.

“Cozies”, If you aren’t familiar with the term, is a sub-genre of crime novels that usually feature an amateur sleuth. The stories are typically placed in a small town or close knit community pardon the pun. All of the violence or intimate situations happen off page. They generally focus on puzzle solving more than suspense.

This book would be considered a novella, as the audiobook is about 5 hours long.

Stockings And Spells Review

The Vampire Knitting Club appeals to Lucy about putting up a booth to take part in Oxford’s Holiday Market. They want to encourage others to take up handicrafts by selling their exquisite hand-knit scarves, sweaters, and gift items.

Lucy is working hard at her spell work as she continues to learn about being a witch. She also has to keep an eye on her shop assistant Meritanum, called Meri, a 3,000-year-old Egyptian witch. Meri is having a bit of trouble with getting use to modern life, like what metaphors are ,and anything powered by electricity.

The market is going well, the hats, scarfs, and sweaters are quite popular, but their most popular item is the extra-long hand-knit Christmas stockings. Lucy is quite pleased with the turn out. That is, until the head witch of her coven, Margret Twigg, her aunt Lavinia, and her cousin Violet come to remind her about winter solstice.

Lucy was still embarrassed over a samhian incident, but she, Rafe, and Meri soon go back to enjoying the holiday market.

Things started to turn dark a few days later, when Lucy found her new friend, and fellow seller, strangled with one of the stockings in a booth across the way. Lucy Swift and her undead detectives become determined to not only find out who would do such a thing , but the more important why.


Sarah Zimmerman is the vocalist for this audio book and the rest of the books in the series. It took me a couple of chapters to get used to her ironic/sarcastic tone in the first book, but I love her now.

The main character is quite sarcastic, so she chose that tone for the first person narration. Her various voices and accents make it clear that she is a wonderful voice actress.

Each character has a different voice and speech pattern that is quite enjoyable. You can easily tell the difference between them as well which is always something I look for in an audio book.

Audiobook Review Stockings And Spells

I thought this was a great book for the Christmas season. I’m quite pleased to see Meri again, she’s such an interesting character. I thought the juxtaposition of Meri learning about the modern world while Lucy learns of the supernatural one was very well done.

You can see that Lucy is more at home in Oxford now. She also seems to be more comfortable with the vampires and her own magic. Lucy definitely has a long way to go as far as controlling her magic goes. But I see her embracing her role as an entrepreneur which is probably a more pressing issue.

It’s lovely to see her becoming closer to all of the vampires in the knitting club. She is far more comfortable with them, but seems not to trust them where humans beside herself are concerned. I hope that will change as the stories go on. However, I find it maddening that she is resisting her obvious attraction to Rafe.

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You might be able to find it at your local library or request it. Just go to the circulation or check out desk and ask for a book request form. (That’s how my library works with requests any way) Bear in mind that you’ll probably be waiting a while if you do a request form.


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