The Bobbles and Broomsticks Audiobook Review, Murder And Marriage

Bobbles And Broomsticks is the eighth book in the Vampire Knitting Club series, by Nancy Warren. These cozy mysteries are a series, but can also be read as stand alone books. I personally prefer to read them in order though so you can see the character development and relationship growth. If your anything like me, you like reading books in order, so, here’s my review of the first book: Audio Book Review: The Vampire Knitting Club. I’m a fan of just about every book in this series, but let’s find out what you think with this Bobbles And Broomsticks audiobook review!


This would be considered a paranormal cozy mystery.

The Vampire Knitting Club series as a whole would be considered paranormal cozy mystery.

“cozies”, If you aren’t familiar with the term, it is a sub-genre of crime novels that usually feature an amateur sleuth, placed in a small town or close knit community pardon the pun, and all of the violence or intimate situations happen off page. They generally focus on puzzle solving more than suspense.

This book is on the short side, the audiobook is 5 and a half hours long.

The Bobbles and Broomsticks book Summary

Lucy and her cousin Violet are bridesmaids for their friend Alice’s wedding. The wedding will be held in a beautiful old church and the reception is being held at Rafe’s – Lucy’s kinda boyfriend– manor house. Everything is ready for Alice and Charile’s wedding.

Just about everyone is happy to see the the couple marry. With the exception of an ex girlfriend, that is. The wedding party is walking out of the church when the unthinkable happens. A death occurs at the wedding.

It looks like it may have been an accident, but Lucy isn’t so sure. Who could possibly guess that someone so unassuming could have a dark secret.. or that something that seemed so innocent could turn into a deadly disaster.

This book explores the stories we tell ourselves… not always the truths of them. People can be utterly convinced there’s nothing wrong with something that causes them nothing but problems. Yet they are usually blind to it. Can Lucy and her Vampire Knitting Club solve this crime so Alice and Charlie can officially start their married lives?


Sarah Zimmerman is the vocalist for this audio book and the rest of the books in the series. It took me a couple of chapters to get used to her ironic/sarcastic tone in the first book, but I love her now.

The main character is quite sarcastic, so she chose that tone for the first person narration. Her various voices and accents make it clear that she is a wonderful voice actress.

Each character has a different voice and speech pattern that is quite enjoyable. You can easily tell the difference between them as well which is always something I look for in an audio book.

My Bobbles and Broomsticks Audiobook Review

Oh what a tangled web she wove. The author managed to pull off a perfect balancing act on this one. On the one had, this book has some really fun elements. Like Lucy learning to ride on a broomstick, and Alice’s hen party (Bachelorette party). But it also covers some serious issues as well. Like Rafe’s first wife and how people can convince themselves of things that aren’t true.

I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t get into detail about the type of lies people tell themselves. However, I will say that often when these cozy mysteries get serious it seems to out way the cozy factor. I felt like it was a nice dose of reality followed by something more fun.

There were also some relationship questions I had that were answered in this book. Rafe and Lucy seem to grow closer with every book. But there’s still this element of will they or won’t they. Personally, I love them together and I hope that they make it official sooner rather than later. I will legitimately cry if they don’t get together… but that’s just me.

Where To Get The Bobbles and Broomsticks Audiobook and book

Here is the book on Amazon: Bobbles and Broomsticks: A paranormal cozy mystery (Vampire Knitting Club)

If you like this series, prefer audiobooks, and you use Audible, then you should look on audible for the three book box set:

You might be able to find it at your local library or request it. Just go to the circulation or check out desk and ask for a book request form. (That’s how my library works with requests any way.) Bear in mind that you’ll probably be waiting a while if you do a request form.


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