Using The Crochet Studio App To Make A Palette From My Instagram Photos!

Making color choices for crochet projects is probably my favorite part of the set up process. I have a fair amount of confidence in my color choices. I’ve been a traditional artist for years and I tend to choose palette in any medium that had deep, rich darks with pops of bright, or jewel tone colors mixed in. If I have to pick a main color, it’s typically black or gray. However, sometimes when I’m planning for a new project I need color options that actually exist in the yarns I use most often. Enter The Crochet Studio app.

I first found out about it a few months ago, on Instagram, when @puddnhead also known as Hooked By Robin made a post about it on Instagram ( I was intrigued to hear about an app that could help make color palettes using actual yarn brands and colors.

What is The Crochet Studio app?

Before I get into how I used it, let me tell you a bit more about the app. The Crochet Studio app is a design app that can generate colors palettes, granny square pattern, and striped blanket patterns. The app is free to download and from what the website says, they have some new features in the works! If you’d like to find out more, check out And if you want to see the app in action, check out Hooked By Robins video: she let the app design some beautiful granny square blankets!

This app is available for both apple and android users:

What yarn brands do they have?

They have 18 brands of yarn at the moment, but they are adding more. This includes Red Heart and Caron, both of which I do use.

They added some Lion Brand yarn as I was writing this!

So, I have a particular photo on my Instagram that I really love the colors in. I went into the app, uploaded my photo and the app automatically generated a palette for me. This photo here is what it came up with.

However, I’m extra and I wanted to pick my own colors and use the yarns that I know I have access to. I filtered it so it was just Red Heart Super Savers yarn to pick from. (Check out my Red Heart Super Savers Review!)

I put together this beautiful pallet and while I haven’t gotten around to using it yet… I just had to share this handy tool with you!

What about the paid Subscription?

As I mentioned before, the app is free to use and download, it’s currently being supported by advertisements. However, there is a paid subscription. From what I understand this is run by a Mother and son team and they are working to get more cool features onto the app.

When you look on the front page of the app, there’s a subscribe option. Once you go into it there’s a list of what you get when you subscribe. At the moment their aren’t that many benefits.. But, the list of features that they are adding makes it easily worth it. I think for anyone that wants to use this app for pattern generation the price is more than fair.

But what do you think? Are you going to try this app out? Let me know in the comments below!

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