How To Make The Crochet Jasmine Stitch

The jasmine stitch

If you like the puff stitch, you’ll love the crochet Jasmine stitch! This beautiful puffy texture just can’t be any simpler to do. I’m not sure if it’s named for the lovely jasmine flower or the Disney princess… since princess Jasmine wears poofy pants and it’s a 6 petaled flower maybe it’s both.


There are two variations of the jasmine or flower stitch. One is in the round and the other is in rows. I’m doing the one in rows today. Since this stitch is in The Puff stitch family, you might also be interested in How to Crochet The Elizabeth Stitch or How To Make The Crochet Bean Stitch.

What’s the stitch?

This puffy 1 row repeat is great for stash busting. Since it’s a continuous combination of puff stitches, single crochets, and chains it is a bit of a yarn eater. Because of the texture and squish of the fabric you get from this stitch I really think it’s worth it the yarn. Speaking of which, this would be a good stitch for variegated or self striping yarns.

Tip: This is a variation of the puff stitch so I suggest that you become familiar with that stitch before you do this one.


  • Any worsted weight yarn you like
    • You can use any weight really, but for this swatch I’m using worsted (it’s a mystery skein, not sure of the brand)
  • A J/6mm hook
    • Change this size if you change the yarn weight.
  • Snips
  • Yarn or tapestry needle


These are in U.S.A terms

  • Ch = chain
  • St = stitch
  • Yo = yarn over

The jasmine stitch tutorial

There are no set multiples, choose any length you like, plus one puff for the next row.

Puff stitch: Ch 2, pull up on the loop so it’s tall, all the other loops will be this height, Yo, pull up a loop, Yo, pull up a loop, Yo, pull up a loop, Yo, hold that strand of yarn, pull it through all 7 loops, go through the strand that you held, pull up a loop, you should have 2 loops on your hook, Yo, and pull through the 2 loops, pull it tight, lock it down with a ch. On future puffs work into the hole at the top of the previous puff stitch.

Foundation row. Make a line of puff stitches in the desired length of your project, plus 1 puff.

The continued picture instructions.

Make a line of puff stitches in the desired length of your project, plus 1 puff. This swatch is 10 puffs total.

Step 2.

Row 1. Yo and pull up 3 times so that you have 7 loops on your hook, do not finish it, move to the next hole between the puffs and make another puff st there, don’t finish it, move to the next hole between puffs and make one more puff there, you should have 19 loops on your hook, Yo, hold that strand, and pull the loop through all of the loops on your hook. Go through the loop that you held on to, pull up a loop, Yo, and go through both loops like a sc, tighten the loop so that it’s smaller, and ch 1 to lock it down.

Row 1 continued. Make a puff in the top of the puff you just finished, do the same thing as last time all the way to the end of your row, work into that very first ch when you reach the end of the row.

Step 3.

Row 2. Turn your work, work into the last hole you made.

Row 2 continued. Repeat the process of making 3 petals at once. Each full flower should have 6 petals. 1 side of the row will have 5 petals the other will have 3.

Row 2. In progress and finished.

Step 4.

Row 3. Turn your work, make a puff st, then *make a puff st in the top of that st but don’t complete it, make 2 more petals on the hook, then Yo, hold the strand and pull through all of them, go into the strand you held and pull up a loop, tighten the yarn, Yo pull througj both loops, pull it tight and ch 1 to lock it down*, repeat from *-* for the rest of the row.

Step 5.

Rows 4-6. Repeat row 3.

Step 6.

Tie off

And weave in the tail as shown. If you would like a more in depth tutorial on how to weave in your ends. Check out my post: The Crochet Basics: How To Weave In Ends

That’s it!

What to make with the crochet jasmine stitch..

This stitch is great for fluffy scarves, blankets, and shawls. If you use wool or cotton yarn you can also make hot plates, pot holders, and rather luxurious washcloths.

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