Audio Book Review: The Emperor Mage By Tamora Pierce Book 3

Emperor mage audio book review

Are you looking for an immersive fantasy world to get involved in while you stitch? I’m super picky about my audio books, but this one I’ve listen to over and over again! Let’s find out if you’ll like it to with, this audio book review.


This book is considered fantasy and is places in a Middle ages like time period… except with magic, mages, and immortals.

Book Summary

Emperor Mage By Tamora Pierce is the 3rd book in the Immortals Quartet. This series follows Veralidaine Sarrasri, called Daine, her young dragon, Skysong whom she calls Kitten, and her master, mage Numair Salmalín as they live in and work for the country of Tortall, ruled by King Jonathan and Queen Thayet.

I would suggest reading the first ( Audio Book Review: Wild Magic) and second (Audio Book Review: Wolf Speaker) book before reading this one.

on the ship

Daine, now 15, Skysong, and Numair have just arrived in Carthak, Tortalls southern neighbor across the sea. They are there as part of the Tortallan Peace Delegation along with Alona, the Kings champion, and some other nobles for peace talks.

The Emperor’s prized birds are sick, and Daine is there to see if she can heal them as a sign of good faith for the talks.

The entire Delegation is on edge, as this is necessary to avoid war with wealthy Carthak, whose army out numbers them greatly. Nothing can go wrong which is why Daine is especially cautioned to stay out of trouble, as well as Numair, who has been granted a pardon by the Emperor Ozorne, his one time friend.

Before the ship can finish docking, Daine is visited by the Badger God who warns her to leave Carthak immediately. She explains that this is not possible, to the Badgers disappointment. He unwillingly gives her a “gift” before disappearing without explanation.

Daine is confused by the Badger’s visit, but becomes distracted by meeting the Carthaky welcoming party, which includes Prince Kaddar, heir to the throne, and Lindhall Reed, Numair’s old teacher turned friend.

The glittering world of Carthak is dazzling to Daine, but she is disturbed by the use of slaves in this southern land. However, she can say nothing to jeopardize the talks. It is her job only to heal the sick birds and talk to scholars of the University about Skysong. Daine, soon finds out that, Prince Kaddar, has been charged with attending to her for the duration of her visit.

In the Palace

While changing for a party that same evening, Daine starts to believe she it out of her mind when she swears the tiger skin rug in her room came back to life for a moment!

Daine is disturbed by what happened, but is more concerned with trying to catch Numiar or Alona to tell them of her visit from the Badger God and the warning he gave. Unfortunately, she is unable to do more then tell them that she needs to speak with them

When Orzorn himself brings her to see the Emperor’s famed birds, Daine is immediately in awe of the beautiful aviary that was constructed for them. As well as the gorgeously colored tropical birds who call it home. Linhall Reed meets them there as he is usually the one that helps look after them. She sees in Ozorne a softer side as he loves his birds dearly. When she asks about why he allowed Numair to be pardoned, when he clearly still dislikes him. The Emperor Mage tells her that he is the figure head, but most every decision is made by his government not him.

As she gets to work healing the birds, Ozorne leaves her, stating he can’t bear to watch on helpless. When she finishes, Lindhall warns Daine about being careful of the Emperor…she is seeing his best side because of his love for his birds.

Gods’ fury

As time goes on the peace talks stall, Daine becomes aware of much deeper problems. The power hungry and controlling Ozorne is planning something. The God’s are angry and have chosen now to show their anger now…very possibly through Daine.

She is resistant to using the “gift”, despite the urging from a Godess that Daine has only ever heard of before coming to Carthak. All that all changes when Ozornes plan is reveled and one of her dear friends is killed.

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The narration is done by Tamora Peirce the author, however the voices are done by the full cast audio family.

Full cast audio is a wonderful cast of voice actors that make the characters come to life. Very often you don’t have to be told who is speaking because each voice is specific to the character. When I say actors, I mean actor. If a character is feeling or says something a certain way, it is conveyed through their voice.

At first, Tamora’s voice as narrator can seem a bit dull. However, as the other characters join in it suddenly feels like you couldn’t listen to it any other way.

This is the link for the full cast audio website to learn more:

My Audio book Review

This is probably one of my favorite books, as there are so many twists and turns.

Daine is now 15, she is more sure of herself and understands her magic better than ever. There is a great difference from this girl and the one you meet in the first book.

Going to this new tropical land, seeing so many new things and animals is wonderful to experience through Daine’s eyes. You meet new characters and become better acquainted with one’s you have met before.. such as Rekash, a stormwing from the second book.

You can truly feel the tenuous atmosphere from the Tortallan Delegation in Carthak. They know very well that their troubles over that last few years have been because of the Emperor.

However, the opportunity for peace is far more important as a war would mean much bloodshed and loss. They are outnumbered greatly by the famed Carthak army. And if it looks like the talks failed because of the Tortallan’s, the surrounding countries would not come to their aid.

This is the first book that you see the power of the human’s God’s. As they haven’t really been involved up to this point. They make several very clear signs that the God’s are done with the way Carthak is being run. The ultimate sign comes from Carthak’s patron Godess, The Graveyard Hag.

Daine truly is smack dab in the middle of all of this and quite unhappily I might add. However when the Emperors plan is reveled, death for one of her dearest friends is imminent, and Daine ends up being the catalyst for the Gods’ fury and her own.

Where to get it

This is the link for the audio book:

This is the link for the book:

The first time I read it, I got it from my local library. I would suggest looking there if you want to read it for free before you buy.

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