5 Quick Crochet Projects For Fall!

Thanksgiving is upon us! So whether you’re looking for quick patterns to help you deal with stress or you want to have a few more homemade decorations around the house. I have 5 quick crochet projects for fall!

Let’s get started with number 1!

1. Upcycled Crochet Pumpkin Ornaments

7th Day Of Halloween: Upcycled Bottle Ring Crochet Pumpkin Ornament Pattern

This was technically part of my Halloween patterns I released in October, but it has a very farm house, rustic, cottage core feel to it with the cotton yarn and that iconic pumpkin shape. Don’t you think? This little project looks good just about anywhere in your home and that makes it perfect for this list of crochet projects for fall. Check out the link for the full pattern with pictures! Upcycled Bottle Ring Crochet Pumpkin Ornament Pattern

2. Crochet Acorn Table Scatter Pattern

crocheted acorn table scatter
Learn to make these crocheted acorns for table scatter here! Join the newsletter to get the password!

I think acorns are absolutely adorable! They are a wonderful representation of autumn as a plentiful food source for so many woodland creatures right before winter. Since I like to leave the real ones for the critters, I came up with this crochet version last year for my newsletter subscribers (affectionately known as Stitchcrafters).

The pattern is free, but you’ll need a password to access it. You can only get that in the welcome email you get as soon as you sign up for the newsletter! You’ll also have access to all of this year and last year’s newsletter patterns.

Acorn Table Scatter Pattern

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3. Crochet Pumpkin Scrubby

3rd Day Of Halloween: Crochet Pumpkin Scrubby

This is another one from my Halloween posts, but these are too perfect for fall to pass up! This pattern is for facial scrubbies, but if you use a larger hook with a thicker scrubby yarn, or crochet with a scrubby yarn and a cotton yarn together to get a thicker yarn. Then you can make some awesome kitchen scrubbies for your home! Plus, with how messy turkey can be, you may want to keep some facial scrubbies on hand in the bathroom too.. you know for the messy kids (and grown-ups lol). 3rd Day Of Halloween: Crochet Pumpkin Scrubby

4. Crochet Trinket Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Crochet Trinket Drawstring Bag Tutorial

If you have any party favors in mind for you guests then maybe you can give this trinket bag a go. You can use it for after dinner mints, to hold paper and a small pencil to write down what everyone is grateful for, for crayons holders at the kids table, or whatever helps with your family tradition.

Make sure to tell your guests that these bags are reusable, so they can either keep it, or pass it on with a new gift to someone else. What would you use these for? Crochet Trinket Drawstring Bag Tutorial

5. Pot Holders

Double thermal stitch tutorial
Learn this super warm stitch. the double thermal stitch!

I love making my own pot holders, especially with the double thermal stitch because it actually makes a thick insulated fabric that you won’t get burned using. My Mom actually asks for my pot holders as presents because they work so well.

Using a cotton fabric that matches your fall aesthetic is a great way to customize this pattern, however you can also change the size to match the size of your pans or cook wear by simply measuring your pan/cookware and matching the pot holder or trivet dimensions to that size.

i.e. if you a 5″ × 7″ pan you can make a chain that measures 5 inches, then do the plus 2 stitches and work the repeat until you have 7″ in height. Of course you can work it up in the opposite order, but you get the idea. Everything you need to know about this stitch is in the tutorial link The Sizzling Double Thermal Stitch

Weaving in the ends (the wrap up)

Well that’s about it for this post, I wish you all a wonderful holiday/weekend whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. And I hope you try at least one of these quick and easy crochet projects for fall!

For those of you who have been around for a while you might be wondering why this isn’t a newsletter pattern. I unfortunately have had a rather large something come up that has made me unable to finish the pattern or the newsletter in time for Thanksgiving… Everything is fine, but I need a little time to process.

I want to remind everyone, regardless of where you are and if you celebrate Thanksgiving, to think about what you have and what you are thankful for.

I hope you found this article helpful! If it is, please show your support by liking this post and following my blog, so you’re alerted when ever I make a new one. You can also sign up for The Crocheting Owl Monthly Newsletter for free patterns, updates, yarny bonuses and more!

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