The Garters And Gargoyles Audiobook Review, Dinner And A Murder

Garters And Gargoyles is book 10 in the Vampire Knitting Club series by Nancy Warren. These cozy mysteries are a series, but can also be read as stand alone books. I personally prefer to read them in order though so you can see the character development and relationship growth. If you’re anything like me, you like reading books in order, so, here’s my review of the first book: Audio Book Review: The Vampire Knitting Club. I’m a fan of just about every book in this series, but let’s find out what you think with this The Garters And Gargoyles Audiobook Review.


This would be considered a paranormal cozy mystery.

The Vampire Knitting Club series as a whole would be considered paranormal cozy mystery.

“cozies”, If you aren’t familiar with the term, it is a sub-genre of crime novels that usually feature an amateur sleuth, placed in a small town or close knit community pardon the pun, and all of the violence or intimate situations happen off page. They generally focus on puzzle solving more than suspense.

This book is on the short side, the audio book is a bit over 5 hours long. So it’s probably considered a novella.

The Garters And Gargoyles Book Summary

Lucy’s interest is peaked when Rafe mentions that secret societies aren’t what they use to be while reading through a local paper. She reads the article only to find that it’s about some young men who disrupted the peace and vandalized a house while they were drunk one night. The police are looking for leads as to who these young men are. Lucy is asks Rafe what he’s talking about, and he mentions that the Order Of The Gargoyle is a very old order that used to command respect. Lucy gets the idea that Rafe knows exactly who the vandals are, and he confirms that he does…. and that they need to have chat..

A few days later Lucy is helping an enthusiastic customer out of her shop when a woman about her own age walks in. It’s her frenemy from high school Pamela. She’s being super sweet and saying how happy she is to see her dear friend Lucy after all this time. Before she can think of how to get Pamela out of her shop.. William Thresher Rafe’s butler comes walking into her shop. William also happens to be a caterer in high, he comes to ask Lucy to help out as a server for an important dinner. Pamela charms William into asking her to be a server as well, much to Lucy’s upsetment.

Dinner and a murder

The night of the dinner arrives and Lucy is excited to see who exactly is in this gargoyle club. Since the current members have caused so many issues in the past. They are stuck having the dinner in one of their parents homes. Lucy, her cousin Violet who is also a waitress, Pamela, and William get a quick tour of the rooms that they will be serving in. They’re all in aw of the art and beauty of the home.

Before long the dinner is ready to be served. Once the older gargoyles leave the young ones start cutting loose.. And by loose I mean drinking bottle after bottle of wine. Pamela offers to go get the key to the wine cellar to restock the dinner party.. But she’s gone more often the not.. so no one is surprised when they don’t see her after wine has appeared in the dinning room.

Things go bad when some of the dinner guests go down to play billiards.. only to find th table occupied by a dead body. Lucy and her undead knitters are on the case in no time.


Sarah Zimmerman is the vocalist for this audio book and the rest of the books in the series. It took me a couple of chapters to get used to her ironic/sarcastic tone in the first book, but I love her now.

The main character is quite sarcastic, so she chose that tone for the first person narration. Her various voices and accents make it clear that she is a wonderful voice actress.

Each character has a different voice and speech pattern that is quite enjoyable. You can easily tell the difference between them as well which is always something I look for in an audio book.

My Garters And Gargoyles review

I continue to be flabbergasted by how Lucy never seems to get any better at knitting. I also have a huge issue that no one seems to actually know how to teach her how to knit. But, I suppose it’s a funny on going problem to have a non knitting knitting shop owner.

I think most of us have met a Pamela in our lives. Maybe, if you’re lucky you didn’t have to be in close proximity to her for very long. But that person that somehow makes everything about them and then always seems t get what they want on top of it?… Yeah I’ve met a few of those. So when Lucy explains why she is less then pleased so see her “old friend” I felt for her.

On the relationship front, I was more then happy to see Lucy and Rafe become closer. There might be something going on between Violet and William, but it’s too soon to tell at the moment. Over all I loved this book. I thought the bit of history on chivalry and the glimpse into the world of the rich and powerful was very well written. That you see the advantages as well as the hardships of growing up having very little choice in what you do. I highly recommend this book for anyone that likes a good cozy mystery.

WHERE TO GET Garters And Gargoyles

Here is the book on Amazon: Garters And Gargoyles

You might be able to find it at your local library or request it. Just go to the circulation or check out desk and ask for a book request form. (That’s how my library works with requests any way) Bear in mind that you’ll probably be waiting a while if you do a request form.


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