Hunting Prince Dracula Book Review, Book By Kerri Maniscalco

Hunting Prince Dracula Book Review, Book By Kerri Maniscalco Pin me!

The second book in the Stalking Jack The Ripper series, Kerri Maniscalco, brings us on a train ride to Vlad the Impaler’s castle. With the weather getting colder I just couldn’t resist pulling out the next book in the series. I would say that this book is not stand alone, you really must read the first one to understand all the references. And of course Audrey and Thomas’s relationship. Let’s get into my Hunting Prince Dracula Book Review.


Horror Fiction and mystery.

There are some rather disturbing images and descriptions in this book. If you don’t know anything about forensics or the state of bodies that are no longer breathing… You’re about to read about them in detail if you read this book. The author takes great pains to describe many unpleasant things and places in this book. If you’re of the faint of heart I’d suggest skipping this series.

Hunting Prince Dracula Summary

Audrey and Thomas are passengers on the orient express to the Romanian school of forensic medicine in Transylvania. This is just a few short weeks after the events of discovering Jack the Ripper. That night is burned into Audrey’s mind and still horrifies her when ever she is alone. Thomas distracts her with inappropriate comments of course be he too seems to be distracted by something. The Romanian paper have a headline that a man was found drained of all his blood. They suspect that Vlad the Impaler, a blood thirsty prince also known as Dracula has risen from the dead.

When a murder happens right outside her compartment on the train, Audrey is stricken. The victim has a stake in his chest.

They arrive at the school to some distressing news, but that’s nothing compared to the string of murders that begin. Audrey and Thomas must find out who is killing people and draining all of their blood. Surely the there is a living murderer and not one back from the grave…. isn’t there?

My Hunting Prince Dracula review

Audrey is understandably still recovering from the Autumn of Terror. Leaving London and all it’s recent ghastly memories seemed like a great start.. But Audrey is hallucinating whenever she is near a corpse. How can she be objective and pursue her most loved profession, if she can’t tell what’s real and whats’ not? Only time will tell if she will overcome the hauntings of her mind.. But right now she must use all of her faculties to see what or who is killing people.

There are many twists and turns in this story. Most of this book is placed in Dracula’s castle where there are hidden passage ways, murderous tunnels, and of course some bats.

I would love to say more, but I really can’t… Just try not to turn off the lights when you finish it.

WHERE TO GET Hunting Prince Dracula

Here is the book on Amazon: Hunting Prince Dracula

You might be able to find it at your local library or request it. Just go to the circulation or check out desk and ask for a book request form. (That’s how my library works with requests any way) Bear in mind that you’ll probably be waiting a while if you do a request form.


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