Even More Things To Do While Crocheting

This is the third part to the Things to do while crocheting series! If you haven’t already, check out part one (5 Things To Do While Crocheting) and part two (5 More Things To Do While Crocheting). I’m pretty sure this post wraps up the rest of the things you can do while crocheting.

All the wonderful memes of not doing anything besides crocheting aside, my goal with these posts is to give you ideas and way to multitask while doing your favorite yarny pastime. Some of them are chore related, others are hobby related, and still others are daily responsibilities. I hope that you found something in these posts that you haven’t thought of before.

Now for the final 5!

1. Laundry

Whether you are getting you’re laundry done at home or in a laundry mat, we all know laundry day is not fun. It can take forever, but crocheting in between loads can give you a good pastime that will make laundry time seem way less tedious. Just make sure you have some stitch makers handy so you don’t lose your place.

2. Baking

I love baking, but it can definitely take some patience, especially when the recipe says to let dough rise or chill for an hour or more. So, if you’re hankering for some fresh bread or pastry, try finding a baking recipe that has long pauses in between steps so you can do a few rows while you’re waiting.

This link is to a boa bun recipe I’m rather fond of.

This link is for a focaccia that I love making sandwiches out of! It’s also great for cutting into slices and putting butter and cheese on it to have with soup.

3. Walking

Honestly I’ve never done this myself, but I have heard that’s quite possible and fun. Even while crocheting you have full use of your peripherals and it’s a good way to get some exercise while you crochet. However if I were ever to try this I think I would want to bring a small yarn bag* that fit my skein so that it wouldn’t get too cumbersome.

*The type of yarn bag I mean completely encloses the yarn so it don’t escape or get dirty.

4. Radio

With radio there are plenty of listening options: talk radio, music, a top 40, sporting events, orchestras, comedy shows, or old radio shows. The radio has the advantage of being completely auditory. You don’t have to worry about looking up or thinking that you might have missed something because it’s all for your ears benefit. Just find your favorite station and stitch away.

Here’s a link to old radio shows:


5. Waiting

We all have to wait for things, most times it’s just inevitable. Humans spend a lot of time waiting in line for things. Whether it be waiting in a doctors office, the constant hurrying up to wait in an airport, a line at the bank, a busy postal office, an appointment with a late person, waiting for public transit like buses and commuting on trains or subways, and of course waiting for a table at restaurants. Regardless of where you wait, try bringing your yarn bag with you so you can stitch while you pass the time. Or if you never know when the waiting time will commence, try keeping an emergency yarn bag with hook, snips, and yarn so you can always stitch your way out of boredom.

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