5 More Things To Do While You Crochet

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In the pursuit of trying to get the most out of your time, finding ways to do multiple things at once is always a good idea. So, I decided to make a post of more ways to multitask during your crocheting time. Did you already do or think of the first 5 things to do while crocheting? Well, here’s 5 more things to do while crocheting that you may not have thought of.

1. Podcast

Over the last couple of years podcasts have become very popular, there are too many types to count over many different subjects. Whatever your preference you generally don’t have to watch them, so hunker down in your favorite crocheting spot and listen while you work.

2. Traveling

Whether you take long car rides, travel in an RV, or fly you’re kind of a captive audience while traveling. Which is why a great way to pass the time is to crochet. You definitely want your stuff to stay clean and enclosed while you’re traveling so make sure you have a yarn bag that’s big enough to house your yarn and you’re WIP (work in progress).

Now, if you’re the one driving then I wouldn’t suggest trying to crochet at the same time.

3. Sitting outside

Being outside is great for your body, the fresh air and sunshine can be quite rejuvenating for you. So to keep you busy while you enjoy the great outdoors, why not bring your work outside with you? I know where I live the weather can change very quickly. I would definitely use a bag, backpack, or duffel to help your work stay clean and possibly dry!

4. Crocheting with friends

Crocheting with friends or family is a great way and reason to meet up and spend time together. Doing something you love with the ones you care about can be a relaxing and fun experience that keeps you close.

5. Watch TV

This one is a bit of a no brainier, but it still deserves a place on the list. I will however, give the advice that you watch movies or TV shows you’ve already seen. It’s hard to concentrate on what you’re doing if you’re constantly looking at the TV. So, I like to throw on an old favorite when I’m hunkering down for some crochet time. My go to favorites are Nightmare Before Christmas and the 2010 movie Red. What’s yours?

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