Is Yarn Craft Art?

I guess the first question would be what is art? This is the first answer to come up in a search engine.

It’s not very clear is it? On the one hand it is an, “application of human creative skill and imagination” and it is in a “visual form”. However, the examples given mention only traditional arts and the secondary definition describes, “painting, music, literature, and dance.” So where would needle craft fall in that?

Wait a moment, I’ve said a word that seems all encompassing haven’t I? Craft… So what does that word actually mean?

What is crafting?

Would you look at that? It has a crocheted item pictured. Most yarn work does “involve skill in making things by hand.”

However, most people hear craft or crafter, they think of a childs dry macaroni picture frame or necklace… How much skill can that take? It’s honestly a case of people using a word to describe something so frequently, that it becomes the normal first thought.

You know it’s the funniest thing, that you can use 20 different dictionaries and that you’ll get 20 different answers. But, when you look a bit deeper you see the over lay of art and craft.

Writing and sculpture were both listed as art. What is the difference between these two words art and craft?

Art is usually an aestheticly pleasing display of creativity with an emotional impact. Whereas a craft literally means a particular skill, which is why it’s generally used to descibe something reproducible.

Based on this I would count crocheting, knitting, weaving, plastic canvas, etc. as both art and craft. The colors, stitches, and overall patterns can invoke feelings of coziness, elegance, rustic charm, cuteness, warmth, cheerfulness, and so much more. Most of the time a pattern can be figured out to remake the item as long as you have the skill and knowledge to do so.

In my opinion at least, the evidence is irrefutable, yarn craft is an art. Whether you call yourself a fiber artist, a maker, a crafter, a yarn bomber, a crocheter, a knitter, a weaver, a hook rugger, needlepointer or a person that does yarn embroidery (is there a name for that? Let me know if there is). You are an a talented individual who is keeping the craft alive.

Why do it?

No matter what you call it, some people aren’t convinced that being creative is all that important or beneficial… So let me name a few reasons it’s a good idea to keep stitching.

Yarn crafting has the benefit of being good for your health as well as fun. It is a creative outlet that relives stress, anxiety, and depression.

Yarn crafting can help you feel in control and even help with getting over addiction by replacing the addiction with this far healthier one. It also gives your hands something to do when they would normally be idol, such as watching tv and traveling*.

*Check out 5 things to do while crocheting series for more ideas. (It will work with any yarn craft)

It’s incredibly easy to meditate while crocheting or knitting. You simply emerse yourself in the way your hands move, the rhythm that you use naturally. The way the yarn feels, the way the color looks. Notice the texture of the fabric you’re creating with you’re hands and be sure use both of your hands equally. In the case of crocheting, actively feed your yarn to your hook and don’t let your hand be stiff, let the motion flow.

The more I’ve learned and heard about the way that this type of art/craft has saved lives and sanity is amazing to me. It’s practically like magic the way that it can do and mean so much to so many people.

Is Yarn Magical?

I’m pretty sure it is. I mean how many things are healthy and fun? Much like any art many projects are unique and range in as many ways as the individuals that use them.

I have to say that aestheticly yarn craft is the easiest thing in the world to customize, especially through color. For example I’m a huge fan of fantasy (practically an air-conditioner). The fantastical is something I’ve always been enamored with. In a lot of ways I think that’s why I love crocheting so much, it’s practical, beautiful, and an old enough practice to seem like magic. Plus it’s the only way to get certain shapes and achieve anything close to the forms we find naturally occuring on earth.

Is Yarn an addiction?

I believe I am positively addicted to crocheting. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend time to relax and refocus, while creating something with my own two hands. Except of course listening to an audiobook while I do it…

What’s your favorite yarn craft and what do you call yourself? (Maker, crafter, ect.) Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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