What is the Premier Yarns Brand?

A little research showed that it was not quite a new brand. You might have heard of Sweet Roll, a variegated cake that was quite popular a few years ago. They have a few more yarn collections that were popular as well, here’s the short of their timeline.

They first started making yarn collections with Deborah Norville in 2009, then Isaac Mizrahi®/Xcel Brands in 2014, and finally Downton Abbey® in 2015.

From there they started making their own lines, from 2016 to 2017 Candy Shop, Sweet Roll, Puzzle yarn, and Toy Box came on the scene. They also earned Oeko-tex standard 100 certification against 350 harmful substances using independent labs.

Which is great because less harmful chemicals on your yarn is always nice.

They went on to launch a few more yarn collections in the last 2 years and relaunched their anti pilling yarns.

Full timeline on their website, see it here!

What they say

Premier® Yarns is a major distributor of hand knitting yarns in North America, Canada and Mexico working with all the major craft chains and direct to consumer through PremierYarns.com. For over 13 years we have led the industry with innovations in the hand knitting and crochet market. We bring fresh, new, high quality basic and fashion yarns in over 30 yarn lines with accessories to our customers throughout North America including trendsetting yarns like Couture Jazz®, Sweet Roll™, private label collections and yarns with Anti-Pilling qualities.

Some of the Serenity chunky line colorways.

The company is North American based, but the mill they use is Fistas, located in Turkey.

Fistas, is the world’s largest producer of hand knitting yarn with a daily output of over 2 million skeins. They have a product portfolio of over 10,000 yarns including anti-pilling and hypoallergenic. They have 12 dyeing machines and 3 fully automated-robotized dyestuff measuring and dosing systems, used for color matching and color formulation.

This mill is actually known for producing 70% of the worlds yarns and their website (which I had to translate from Turkish) makes it very clear that they are all about quality and safety.

Michael’s starting carrying more of the Premier yarns line online this year, 2020, as well. Which makes me wonder if the company is expanding. They do have an area of their website where you can fill out a in store product request form to ask stores that have carried their product to carry it again.

Their website is very well put together, so I decided to place an order and I can’t complain about it at all. They have a rewards program that does give some nice incentives. Just for signing up you get 500 points ($5.00 credit), extra points for your birthday, and 1 point per dollar you spend. Plus, they do sales that give you a nice discount, 3* for $10 and the like. (*the yarn was $6 each.)

This one is called maze.

Here’s a list, on their site, of places that carry their yarns.

I must say that I’m impressed with the yarns I have purchased and used so far and that I look forward to them being more easily gotten in the future.

I plan on picking up an anti pill yarn or two in the near future, to test if they really don’t pill as easily as other acrylic or bamboo yarns.

Have you heard of or used this brand? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. I’ve been noticing more of the Premier brand at Michael’s and they have some at Dollar Tree as well. But I actually do order off the site as well!

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