How To Use A Crochet Meditation Egg

Find out how to use a crochet meditation egg for mindfulness. Bring your mind into the present with this lead mediation that you can do anytime. The egg is small and easy to carry with you, but before I get into how to use a crochet meditation egg, I wanted to talk about why I picked an egg shape.

I’ve always favored the Autumnal season. The brisk, cool air, the crunching leaves, the colors in the trees, it always enchanted me. This year the spring equinox is/was on March 20th (2023)… And for some reason I noticed the similarities between spring and autumn for the first time. The air feels similar, the leaves are still there from winter, and in place of the colored leaves? There are new buds and greens making their way to the surface.

I’ve done some research on spring holidays and whether you’re talking about the Hindu holiday Holi, the Jewish holiday Purim, the Christian holiday Easter, or the Wiccan holiday Ostara. They all celebrate the arrival of spring as new life, new beginnings, and love.

Ostara and Easter have a lot in common in particular. And one of the main things that were similar was eggs. I know it sounds crazy, I’m talking about love and new beginnings, and then devolve to eggs? Well, bare with me a little longer.

The egg

Eggs are a symbol of fertility, rebirth, new beginnings and the life cycle. Which is probably why they are such a good example of spring.

Spring cleaning, planting seeds, and making new plans are all things that most of us at least think about this time of year, if not take part of.

I can open the widows, clean out the cob webs, and start planting flowers this time of year
While I was doing this, I kept thinking about what March’s newsletter pattern was going to be. I decided after a lot of thought… That I would make a meditation egg. Usually, they are made of stone, metal, or wood, but I wanted to make one from yarn.

I can’t tell you where I first heard of meditation eggs from, because honestly I don’t remember. I tried to find an article on them, but I just keep finding sellers of small eggs of some sort instead of how to use a meditation egg. So, I made this post to show you how to use a crochet meditation egg for mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation with your crochet egg

Focus on your breathing now, make sure it’s steady and even. Deep breath in, hold it for a moment and then let it all out slowly. Once you can breath in and out this way without thinking about it too much, focus on your egg again. You can control what is in your hands, right now.
Feel yourself run your fingers over the texture of the egg. Squish it between your fingers or in the palm of your hand. Feel it’s weight, is it heavy? Or light?

If anything pops into your head while you do this that you find stressful or distracting, let it run through your mind. Don’t look at it as stress or something bad, just observe it, think about how you feel and then let it go.

Move on to a different thought. Maybe something that happened today and has been on your mind, accept the events of the day as something that has already passed. Go back to focusing on your breathing. Take deep steady breaths that fill your lungs. Notice the temperature of the air that you breathe in. Feel the muscles in your body, are they tense? Are they loose? Squeeze the egg in your hand tight without straining. Then loosen your grip. At the same time, loosen the tension in the muscles that are tight.
Go back to the egg. Feel it in your hand while you breathe. Be in this moment. Feel your mind clear as you take in your surroundings. There is nothing you need to do right now. You have control of your egg and that’s enough right now. Anything you have to do can wait.

Think about the things you accomplished today, even if it’s one thing. Allow yourself to be happy about it. It is enough.

Go back to focusing on your breathing. Make sure you’re still taking deep, lung filling breaths. When you inhale imagine that it is a revitalizing energy. On every inhale you are bringing in energy and positivity, on every exhale you are releasing stress and negativity.

Only that which brings you positive energy has a place in your mind and body. You are worthy of this time. You are comfortable, and content in this moment. Feel your egg, feel the stitches. You are in this moment.

Think about what you are hearing around you, how does it make you feel? Think about what you are smelling.

Continue with this line of thinking and observation until you are ready to come out of your meditative state. When you are ready, put your egg aside or in your pocket and stretch your body out. Put your hands together palms side up with your fingers interlaced and enjoy a long stretch. Feel your back and arm muscles. You feel refreshed and energized.

How long do you do this for?

You can do this as often and for as long as you wish to. If you need a moment you can always hold your egg and feel it’s texture.

You can also use this egg as a way to help you focus your mind, by keeping your hands busy. This can also be done with crocheting in general, I have a post on that right here: How To Do: Mindful Meditation While Crocheting. If you’re interested in more crocheting for health articles, check out The 13 Health Benefits of Crocheting and Crochet Therapy For Anxiety.

Where to get my egg pattern

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