How To Do: Mindful Meditation While Crocheting

how to do mindful meditation while crocheting
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Meditation is a great way to focus your mind, but the idea of ‘doing nothing’ can really turn people off. Self care is important, but most people don’t feel that they have the time. I’m guilty of this as much as anyone else, however I’ve found that I’m a happier, more functional person when I meditate. So, let’s find out how to do: mindful meditation while crocheting.

Crocheting is a wonderful hobby, pastime, passion, craft, and/or business to be involved in, especially since it has so many health benefits. But did you know it lends itself to meditation as well?

How does Crochet help?

The repetition of crocheting, combined with mental focus can put you into a flow state, or state of flow. It’s a similar feeling to being “in the zone”.

Have you ever had a time when you were completely immersed in an activity? When time itself seemed to move at a different pace? With more time going by then you would have thought possible? That is a flow state.

While in this state, you will feel both, a focused energy for what you are doing and a feeling of enjoyment in the process. So, using this natural occurrence, you can use crochet to help you meditate. In fact you may even have more benefits from meditating while crocheting then you would have meditating alone.

Interested in learning how to do mindful meditation while crocheting? Let’s get into it!

Things to Prepare first

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Firstly, pick an easy, repetitive crochet pattern to work on. If you don’t have one in mind then try one of these stitches: The Square Waffle, The Granny Stitch, The Crochet Wattle Stitch.

With the square waffle you can just start it, much like a granny square, you can make it as large as you want. The granny stitch and wattle stitches are easy repeats that you can easily get lost in. Just decide how large you want the pattern and use the multiple* to make it the size that you want.

*All of the info you need is in the tutorial.

Secondly, choose a soft yarn that you enjoy the color of. I suggest using a Dk weight and above so that you can see the stitches easily.

Lastly, choose a hook that you enjoy using and that fits the drape you want in your project. I would say a J/ hook or larger would be best.

These suggestions are optional, especially if you already have a appropriate that project you’re working on. But I would highly recommend using a yarn color you enjoy with a repetitive easy pattern for meditation.

A bit extra

If you are able, try putting on ambient music that you enjoy. Then you can use either a candle, wax melt, incense, or something to that effect, that you like.

Combining your auditory and olfactory senses can help you feel more immersed in your surroundings.

How to do mindful meditation while crocheting

Crochet someplace that makes you happy!

Start your project as you normally would. Once you are past the foundation rows/rounds, and don’t have to count that much, you can start to meditate.

While you work on your project, I want you to really pay attention to how the yarn feels in your hands. Watch and really think about how your hands move when you crochet. Think about the color of the yarn, how it makes you feel.

Focus on your breathing now, make sure it’s steady and even. Deep breath in, hold it for a moment and then let it all out slowly. Once you can breath in and out this way without thinking about it too much, focus on your crocheting again. You can control what is in your hands, right now. Feel yourself crochet and admire your progress.

If while you are crocheting anything pops into your head that you find stressful or distracting, let it run through your mind. Don’t look at it as stress or something bad, just observe it, think about how you feel and then let it go.

Move on to a different thought. Maybe something that happened today and has been on your mind, accept the events of the day as something that has already passed. Go back to focusing on your crochet project. The way the yarn feels when you pull slack out of the skein. The way you move your hook, usually without thinking about it, I want you to truly observe yourself doing this activity.

Think about the things you accomplished today, even if it’s one thing. Allow yourself to be happy about it. Feel the stress melt away, let your entire body relax. Think about each muscle loosening, and the stress flowing out of you.


Go back to focusing on your breathing. Make sure you’re still doing steady, deep, belly breaths. Feel your body breathe, let your tension go on every exhale. When you inhale feel the coolness of the air going into your nose, imagine that it is a revitalizing energy. On every inhale you are bringing in energy and positivity, on every exhale you are releasing stress and negativity.

Only that which brings you positive energy has a place in your mind and body. You are worthy of this time. You are light, and comfortable, and happy in this moment. Focus on this moment and let it all bring you joy and contentment.

Focus on your crocheting, look at your progress, count your stitches, be in this moment. Think about what you are hearing around you, how does it make you feel? Think about what you are smelling. Feel your body being held in your seat, the support it provides you. You are in this moment.

Continue with this line of thinking and observation until you are ready to come out of your meditative state. When you are ready, put your work aside and stretch your body out. Put your hands together palms side up with your fingers interlaced and enjoy a long stretch. Feel your back and arm muscles. You feel refreshed and energized after your mindful meditation while crocheting.

You can do this as often and for as long as you wish to.

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