My Podcast Review Of Mistletoe Murders: Walking With Ghosts

Walking With Ghosts part 1 and 2 are episodes five and six of the Mistletoe Murders podcast. If you’re interested in reading about the first two episodes than My Podcast Review Of Mistletoe Murders: The Cookie Crumbles, Will You Love It Too? A ghost can’t be the murderer.. Can it? Let’s find out more about your next podcast in My Podcast Review Of Mistletoe Murders: Walking With Ghosts.

I will say that there is some language in this series and while the act of murdering someone doesn’t happen within “view” there is some imagery that some people might find.. troubling. The first 2 episodes act more like a cozy mystery. But the rest follow more of a cross between a cozy and a mystery thriller.

Mistletoe Murders: Walking With Ghosts Podcast summary

New years eve isn’t Emily Lane’s favorite time of year. In fact she hates it. But, at the urging of Violet her 15 year old shop assistant. She is on a date that’s not really a date with Detective-Constable Sam Wilner. Violet’s father who has as much of a crush on Emily as Emily has on him. Unfortunately this is a mystery thriller podcast, which is great for us listening.. but doesn’t help with the blooming romance. Anyway, Emily is at a New Years Eve party being hosted at a newly opening haunted mansion. The mansion has the grisly past of being the town mayors home 75 years ago. And at 12:01 the mayor was stabbed in the back with a pearl handled dagger. The mayor’s right hand man and owner of the dagger was convicted of the crime. But the dagger was never found..
Back to the romance, before the stroke of midight Violet makes a point of leaving Emily and Sam alone. The clock strikes midnight, they’re just about to kiss when people start gasping. At 12:01 the hostess of the party is covered in blood as she walks to the railing. She falls over the side of the railing revealing a replica of the dagger that killed the mayor so many years ago.. driven into her back.

There’s a rumor that the town is convinced that the spirit of the long dead major is the culprit. Obviously the police aren’t buying it.. But it still looks like Emily is due for her next dose of sleuthing and so are we.

My Podcast Review Of Mistletoe Murders: Walking With Ghosts

It was somewhat maddening being so close to a kiss from Emily and Sam only for a murder to interrupt it. I can’t say I was too surprised, but maddening all the same. Emily didn’t disappoint with her need to solve the murder even as the Sam is taking charge of the crime scene.

I’m not saying much more about the story.. because honestly I don’t want to give anything away. But, if you were to listen to these last two episodes.. you might get an inkling into what Emily’s former life had to do with.
Once you start episode 5 you’re not going to be able to stop. I can’t say all details are revealed, because they’re not. You just get enough to satisfy the tiniest bit of curiosity. These two are the last episodes on the series so far as I write this, but goodness I’m hoping new ones come out soon!

Where to get it

This is an Audible Original, so the only place to find it right now is on Audible.

The good news is, if you’re already a Premium plus member, than it’s included in your membership! If you’re not, than I think it’s $7.98 a month. But you could easily binge watch all 6 episodes in a month.. I did it in about a week 👀. If you’ve never had audible before there is usually a free trial that you can sign up for. But I warn you, I started on the free trial.. and that was 4 years ago.

Here’s the link:

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